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More Than 60,000 Texans Without Power as Tornadoes, Storm System Batter Southern US

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by NOAA Photo Library/Getty Images)

Severe weather on its way through the southern United States spawned tornadoes and left thousands of Texans without power. The powerful storm wreaked havoc in Texas and in Oklahoma, leaving a path of destruction. Along with tornadoes, the storm also brought heavy rains, high winds, hail and lightning strikes to the area. Texas and Oklahoma officials are still in the process of sorting out just how much damage there is. Damage includes the destruction of several residential and commercial dwellings and the storm’s financial impact.

What to Know

  • A strong line of thunderstorms swept through Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana on Monday and into Tuesday.
  • More than 60,000 Texans lost power due tornadoes in the area.
  • Texas reports no deaths due to the storm.

The National Weather Service says that around 22 million people were under a severe thunderstorm warning Monday night (3/21). Tornadoes affected a number of people including many Texans as well as citizens in Oklahoma and Louisiana. In issuing a severe weather warning to these locations, the National Weather Service said sweeping storms could last well into Tuesday.

“This storm will bring threats of tornadoes and flooding across the Southern U.S. today into Tuesday,” the Monday warning states.

Nearly 65,000 Texans are without power after the tornado-producing storm rolled through the Lonestar State. Texas officials report three injuries so far as a result of the massive storm system. This number includes two people hurt by a collapsed building. One person was taken to a medical care facility to be treated for their injuries. There are no deaths reports from the recent weather event. Some Texas citizens will remain without power as officials assess the total overall damage caused by the storm.

Governor Calls Texans’ Tornado Survival a ‘Miracle’

Texas Governor Greg Abbott didn’t mince words, calling the fact that no deaths have been reported a miracle. Abbott and Williamson County Judge Bill Gravell held a press conference earlier, pledging support for Texans in wake of tornados.

“I wanted the judge to know that the state is standing with the people of Williamson County shoulder to shoulder,” Abbott says. “We know that you faced a devastating storm … we know that there are people whose lives have been completely interrupted, but it may be a miracle, also, because even though there’s been some devastating physical damage, to my knowledge, there is no report of loss of life, which is just stunning.”

Judge Gravell says power will remain off in some locations due to the danger of down power lines.

“It’s important that we turn off power and, for some of our residents, that might be discomforting because of electricity be being turned off tonight at your home,” he says. “I would just simply say this: If you have a home that you’re in and your electricity is off, be grateful because not all of our residents have that.