Mother Preserves Christmas Tree Her Son Decorated Before He Died

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Patrick Pleul/picture alliance via Getty Images)

The holidays often mark a joyous time for many Outsiders around the world. However, many others are left with the burden of sorrow and grief as this season represents traditions, celebrations, and anniversaries. For one Hobbs, New Mexico mom, the holidays promise an onslaught of emotion this year as she unwrapped the Christmas tree her late child decorated just last year. After a year spent in cellophane, Heather Davis reflects on the passing of her 17-year-old son amid holiday decorating.

The unveiling of the NM mom’s Christmas tree is especially important this year. The tree’s preservation marks her attempts to keep it just as it was while her son, Kooper, was alive. According to Fox News, the teenaged boy died of suicide just weeks after he’d helped decorate the tree.

In speaking with local Hobbs, NM news station Southwest News Service, Davis shared, “Kooper helped me buy and decorate that tree just before he passed away and that’s something I’ll hold on to forever.”

She continued, “Unwrapping it for the first time this year was emotional but it was nice to feel close to him again.” Davis added that she and the family intend to keep the tree this way for years to come in memory of their late son.

Images shared through the outlet show Davis, alongside her husband and the remaining two children peeling back the cellophane.

In a year where artificial and real Christmas trees are in short supply, the Davises’ memorial-esque tree marks an important moment within Kooper’s and the rest of the family‘s life.

Christmas Trees Remain in Short Supply

As stated, the U.S. continues to see an unprecedented shortage of Christmas trees throughout the nation. However, while numerous other shortages come as a result of the ongoing pandemic, this shortage is different. This holiday season’s latest calamity promises struggles for both harvesters and consumers alike.

Tree farmers across the south make their major income this time of year. Although, warm weather and a lack of mature trees have resulted in a major shortage. Now, many farmers who remain in business have resorted to traveling up north for their supply. A major destination includes the country’s Keystone state.

Unfortunately, though, those farmers are often left paying retail prices for trees at auctions, where, typically, they are more affordable.

Overall, it marks a period of challenge during this busy time of year.

Christmas ‘Miracle’ Signifies Hope Among Midwest Tragedy

In another heart-wrenching story, Outsiders across the midwestern region of the country endured deadly storms throughout the last week. States including Minnesota, Iowa, Kentucky, and Missouri, among several others, continue to recover from the destruction left behind by major wind gusts and daunting tornadoes.

However, in one aptly named Missouri city, a Christmas tree remains standing, surrounded by gifts, in a house completely demolished by the week’s intense storms. Defiance indeed.

The little Christmas miracle was discovered by a MO clean-up crew. Ever since it was found, local traffic frequently slows down to take a peek at the brave little tree.

Nevertheless, the cheerful sight cannot combat the fatalities reported across the state, not to mention the Midwest overall. In MO, at least one person has died while two others sustained injuries. In the nearby state of KY, the death toll has hit 74, though more than 100 individuals remain unaccounted for.