Motorcycle Club Comes Together for Charity Ride Benefitting Homeless, Struggling Veterans

by Clayton Edwards

Contrary to what many believe, motorcycle clubs hold charity rides and other events on a regular basis. There is a good chance that local clubs in your area participate in Toys for Tots or other charitable events. After all, many MCs see themselves as members of the community first and club members second.

One New Hampshire motorcycle club hit the road for a good cause on Saturday. The charity ride started in Manchester, New Hampshire. Money raised during the event will go to help area veterans get back on their feet.

According to WMUR 9, a Manchester, New Hampshire news outlet, the Leathernecks MC will conduct a charity ride to benefit The Liberty House in their hometown. The Liberty House is a place where homeless and struggling veterans can go to get back on their feet.

Liberty House executive director Jeff Nelson told the outlet, “We don’t take any state or federal money for our operational expenses,” so this charity ride and other events of its kind are important to them. “They are what make us be able to keep our doors open,” he added.

Roger Crevier, a Leathernecks MC member told the outlet that he and his club had a “heartfelt need,” to help The Liberty House and its director. “We’ve seen the facility and we’ve seen what he does and this is a worthwhile cause.”

WMUR 9 reported that the motorcycle club hopes to make their Liberty House charity ride an annual event.

You can see a video of the beginning of the ride on the Liberty House Facebook page.

More Information About the Charity Ride

According to their website, Leathernecks MC is not an “outlaw,” club. Instead, they are a family-oriented club. Their members are active and formerly active US Marines and FMF Corpsmen. Members of the MC come from all walks of life and hold many positions in their communities. However, the common threads that tie them together are their love for the Marine Corps and the love of “motorcycling through the beauty of mother nature, in the country [they] would die for.”

Leathernecks MC takes part in several charitable events. They have charity rides to raise money for their communities and veterans’ organizations. Additionally, the club participates in Toys for Tots. Each chapter’s amount of charity work is limited only by a chapter’s “motivations and imagination.”

The Liberty House in Manchester, New Hampshire offers homeless and struggling veterans a place where they can get on their feet. The staff maintains a zero-tolerance policy on drugs and alcohol. As a result, vets can go there to start their road to recovery. Additionally, the organization helps to build a community of veterans helping one another.