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Motorcycle Sales Surge as Gas Prices Skyrocket to Record Highs

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Scott Olson/Getty Images

Gas prices are at an all-time high right now. As of March 8, those prices nationally were at historic high of $4.17. This is leading many people in the U.S. to seek other ways to get around effectively. Whether that’s taking publication transportation, walking, biking, or carpooling, there are plenty of options to be more gas efficient. And for many folks who were once standard car drivers, they find the best option to offset surging gas prices are to purchase a bike.

At a Glance

  • Motorcycle purchases are surging, but is this situation really new to 2022?
  • What else is impacting motorcycle sales uptick other than gas prices?
  • How much more efficient is it to ride a bike than drive a car?

“One of the things that we’ve seen almost every time is a pretty big jump in the sale of motorcycles and even bicycles,” AAA Spokesperson Clay Ingram said, according to WAAY 31 ABC. Over in Huntsville, Alabama, this increase in sales is already evident. A manager at a Freedom Powersports said that the warm weather typically signals a sale increase. However, there have been far more people in to look at bikes in the last week or so.

In terms of saving gas, a motorcycle or an electric bike of some kind might be the way to go. The average motorcycle gets about 35 to 40 mpg, which is more than a lot of other vehicles. For example, Harley-Davidsons have an average mileage of 44 for city and highway riding. Other brands like Triumph and Kawasaki get closer to 47 or 49.

Reportedly, more people are showing interest in some of the smaller bikes. This may signal more beginner riders looking to take to the streets. Of course, COVID-19 has impacted inventory for some bike shops, but not too an overwhelming degree.

Seeing as more people may be riding motorcycles, safety is the biggest concern. People in cars should always be on the lookout for people on bikes. Also, safety measures on a bike, such as wearing a helmet and proper clothing, are always necessary. Be sure to purchase a motorcycle that fits your needs as well.

The gas prices are also helping with the sale of e-bikes, especially in San Diego. According to NBC San Diego, the price for gas in the area is $5.50 per gallon. People are looking to things like e-bikes to get them around without having to pay for gas.

“We’ve seen it in a big way lately. Sales are up, can’t complain about that. I definitely don’t like the gas prices, but we’re up about four times from this same month last year,” Robert Rast, the owner of FL Electric Bikes, said to the news outlet. There was also a sales increase at the beginning of the pandemic.

For folks with a peaked interest in e-bikes, Outsider recently reviewed the RadPower Radrunner 2.