‘Multiple People Trapped’ in Massive 100 Car Pileup, Wreck on Texas Freeway

by Clayton Edwards

Rescue teams are on the scene of a massive wreck on the freeway in Fort Worth, Texas. Wintery conditions resulted in extremely icy conditions early this morning. Sheets of ice formed over the roads which led to the massive wreck. According to reports, about 100 cars slammed into each other this morning. This left hundreds of people trapped in their vehicles.

The Fort Worth Fire Department tweeted about the accident early this morning. In their initial post, they reported a mass casualty incident on 1601 N Freeway. They reported “Multiple vehicles involved. Multiple people trapped.” The tweet went on to say that the Public Information Officer was on the scene and would report back as soon as possible. In the reply thread, they posted a photo from the scene.

The wreck on the Texas freeway happened at around 6:30 am local time. The scene of the incident stretches for over one and a half miles. The pileup has blocked all lanes of the freeway. A video shared by a Fort Worth ABC affiliate shows the moment that the pileup began.

Latest News on the Texas Freeway Wreck

According to WFAA Channel 8, people were emerging from their vehicles by 8:30 am local time. Authorities are still unsure how many fatalities resulted from the wreck that closed down the Texas freeway. However, they have confirmed that there are fatalities. Several cars became wedged under other vehicles during collisions. This has made it hard for rescue teams to assess the full extent of the injuries and deaths on the scene. At the same time, icy conditions are making the entire operation more difficult for first responders.

First responders transported up to 30 people from the scene of the wreck. According to reports, many of those who were transported were in critical condition. At the same time, a large mobile medical unit was deployed to the scene to treat less serious injuries on-site.

Among the dozens of vehicles involved in the crash were several 18 wheelers and a MedStar vehicle as well as several passenger vehicles.

Meanwhile, some people are being taken away from the freeway and moved to the Riverside Center in Fort Worth, Texas. However, an 18 wheeler blocked off a large portion of the freeway, making it impossible for anyone to exit the scene. First responders are still on the scene working to remove victims and clear the road.