MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell Allegedly Had ‘Open Secret’ Romance With ’30 Rock’ Star Jane Krakowski, Report Claims

by Matthew Wilson

MyPillow’s CEO Mike Lindell may be in hot water now due to pending lawsuits. But last summer he was allegedly in a secret, not-so-secret fling with “30 Rock” star Jane Krakowski, a report claims.

For nine months, Lindell and the actress allegedly re-enacted a modern-day “Romeo and Juliet” for the ages. (Except with less death in the end and more breaking up to see other people). According to Daily Mail, former friends and sources close to Krakowski revealed the two were in a whirlwind romance.

What complicated the relationship is Lindell and Krakowski are opposites on the political spectrum. Lindell has long been a supporter of former President Donald Trump. He also voiced Trump’s belief that the election was fraudulent. Those allegations eventually got him in potential legal trouble with Dominion Voting Systems. Meanwhile, Krakowski is a firm Democrat and supporter of the Obama presidency.

“It surprised many of Jane’s friends because she’s such an icon in the gay community,” a source told the outlet. “But here she is dating one of Trump’s biggest business backers. I mean he was seen in the West Wing and at Trump rallies and he is probably responsible for half of the revenue of Fox News.”

The relationship became a source of jokes among Krakowski’s friends. But the actress reportedly did love Lindell.

Mike Lindell Denies Meeting Jane Krakowski

Since then, both Lindell and Krakowski have denied ever meeting each other. Lindell said, “I have never even heard of Jane Krakowski??”

Meanwhile Krakowski said, “I’ve never met the man.”

But sources and friends reported that Lindell wooed Krakowski for over a year. He would send her flowers and wine as well as other gifts. The two reportedly had been friends for almost eight years before starting a relationship together. While they had happy moments, they also fought as well. Reportedly, the actress didn’t like how Lindell treated women, including his ex-wife.

“Jane was impressed that Mike had turned his life around, from his recovery from crack cocaine and alcohol addiction to now being sober and worth hundreds of millions of dollars,” a source said.

The two broke up last summer after Krakowski started seeing someone else. They last spent a weekend together at the actress Hamptons beach house. There, the couple allegedly called off their secret romance. These days Lindell probably doesn’t have time to focus on romance, given his potential legal and financial woes.