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MyPillow Twitter Account Tweets ‘The Real Mike Lindell’ Story Amid Controversy

by Katie Maloney
(Photo by Adam Bettcher/WireImage)

MyPillow asks people to “set aside what you’ve heard lately,” and learn who CEO Mike Lindell really is.

MyPillow recently shared an article to Twitter urging readers to know that there’s more to Lindell than just “pillows and politics.” Melissa Huray, Executive Director of the Lindell Recovery Network, wrote the article. As a longtime employee and fan of Lindell’s, Huray attempts to highlight a side of Lindell that the public hasn’t yet seen.

“I have experienced the real Mike Lindell, and he’s not just ‘as seen on TV,'” said Huray in the article.

People Love MyPillow’s Mike Lindell For His ‘Relatability’

Huray begins her article by listing all the simple things Lindell enjoys including burgers, black coffee and hunting trips with his family. She says that it’s because of these things that people love Lindell – because he’s relatable. However, she also acknowledges why people are now questioning whether they can still connect with the CEO.

“This is what many love most about him: his relatability. Given the current narrative, however, you may be asking yourself if you can still connect,” Huray wrote.

As a former alcoholic, Huray said that it’s Lindell’s faith and dedication to helping addicts get clean that drew her to the MyPillow company.

“I discovered we had comparable calls,” Huray wrote. “The pillow wasn’t his only claim to fame – he carried a much greater mission: to lead people out of addiction. We also shared similar stories of deliverance. I’d been rescued by God from fifteen years of alcohol abuse in 2003,” she said.

Employee Says ‘You Get The Same Mike Lindell Whether The Cameras Are On Or Off’

After years of dreaming of working with Lindell and MyPillow, Huray said she landed an interview through divine intervention. She details her first interview with Mike Lindell:

“‘Well, I want to hire ya,’ Mike concluded, as I sat there speechless.

‘You do? Don’t you want to ask me anything? Have an interview?’

‘I knew I wanted to hire ya,’ he chuckled,  ‘Your name has come up three times in the past week! Do you know the odds of you sitting here right now? This is a divine appointment!’  Indeed,” wrote Huray.

Huray then notes Lindell’s acts of kindness and generosity for both his employees, members of the recovery program, and even strangers. Huray says that she understands if people disagree with Lindell’s politics. However, she urges them to focus not on his political opinions but on his heart.

“Mike Lindell models an inspiring authenticity and candor. He is a role model for family and for faith, for people addicted and free, for rags to riches, for dogged perseverance,” wrote Huray.

Huray concludes her article by saying that she has seen the real Mike Lindell and she is “proud” to work for him and the MyPillow company.