MyPillow: Who Is Mike Lindell, the Controversial CEO?

by Will Shepard

Mike Lindell is the chief executive officer of MyPillow. Moreover, the controversial CEO has been involved in the hysteria surrounding Donald Trump and Joe Biden’s election race.

Mike Lindell has made millions of dollars for inventing a pillow made out of foam. With that money, he has been a massive contributor to Trump’s campaign throughout his time as the 45th President. Moreover, Lindell would often make appearances at Trump rallies.

In addition, he got his commercials to air on Fox News constantly. The commercials featured the MyPillow CEO promoting his product from the West Wing of the White House.

However, Mike Lindell is an incredibly controversial character. Back in July, he met with President Trump at the White House to promote a Covid-19 treatment. The MyPillow CEO has a personal stake in the company. Some assumed he was pushing oleandrin to the President unabashedly.

Many people surrounding President Trump would dismiss Lindell as a “nutso.” Even though he is close friends with Dr. Ben Carson, his traction for pushing the unproven treatment mostly fell flat.

Controversies Surrounding Mike Lindell

Despite the fact that he has was pushing this treatment, it hasn’t slowed him down from continuing to court the President. On Friday afternoon, January 15, he was standing outside of the White House. Undoubtedly, Mike Lindell was waiting to have another meeting with the outgoing President.

A photograph of notes in Lindell’s hand showed some wild messages. The notes read that he was hoping the President would invoke the Insurrection Act. Additionally, the notes said that he was going to recommend that Trump use martial law if the need arose.

Mike Lindell’s notes also say that Kash Patel be put into the “C.I.A Acting” role. Patel is a longtime Trump loyalist who was serving as the chief of staff for the Defense Department.

It has been easy to dismiss Mike Lindell for being nothing more than comedic relief, but he has been influential. During Preseident Trump’s four years in office, Lindell’s TV spots made him quite famous. Consequently, Mr. Trump was not in a position to turn his voice aside as his influence was continually growing.

According to Mike Lindell, his interest is much greater than his MyPillow business. “The pillow is just a platform for a much bigger thing. My calling is to speak out the word of Jesus.”

So, while his true calling may be to a higher power, his actions speak differently. In particular, Lindell is becoming well known for his election claims.

Even after the riots at Capitol Hill two weeks ago, Mike Lindell went on television to continue his narrative. “Donald Trump will be our president for the next four years.”

Again on Friday, Lindell says that he is working with an unnamed lawyer to certify that Trump won the election.

So, Who Really Is The MyPillow CEO?

Mike Lindell has dealt with his fair share of demons, and hopefully has put them behind him. For those unaware, he was a crack cocaine addict, as well as a gambling addict.

During his struggles with drugs and gambling, he put together his pillow company. However, he is proud of the things he has accomplished in his life and even wrote a book about it. The book is called “What Are the Odds? From Crack Addict to CEO.”

Nonetheless, his newfound power has been opening doors in his life, most notably to the President. But, his meeting with Trump on January 15 was only 10 minutes long. Apparently, he didn’t find passionate support from the President for the ideas written down in his notes.

Even though Trump didn’t act on Mike Lindell’s suggestions, it still caused a ruckus in the media. It might be that Trump was using his visit as a way to mess with the media one last time.

However, the public will never know what the intent of Trump taking the meeting was. Now, Mike Lindell will have to center his voice on something different to gain traction.

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