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NASCAR Twitter Goes Crazy Over New TikTok Sponsorship After App’s Rumored U.S. Ban

by Caroline Bynum
(Photo by Kyle Ocker/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Ryan Vargas, a 20-year-old NASCAR Xfinity Series driver, just landed a new sponsorship. TikTok now sponsors the young driver, who boasts thousands of followers himself on the social media app.

NASCAR announced details of the new deal via Twitter and their website on Thursday morning. TikTok cited as “the fastest growing social media platform of the decade” will support the driver for the remaining races of the 2020 season. NASCAR posts an image of the flashy pink and blue car.

“TikTok has provided me with an incredible outlet to reach new fans and demographics through fun and creative content, and I’ve seen the highest growth in followers on TikTok over my other social channels,” Ryan Vargas tells NASCAR of the deal and his connection with the social media app. He continues, adding his appreciation for his team JD Motorsports, “Johnny Davis Motorsports took a chance on me last year and I’m excited to bring this amazing TikTok partnership their way. I wouldn’t want to make this partnership a reality anywhere else.”

TikTok’s head of global marketing Nick Tran tells NASCAR, “Partnering with an iconic brand like NASCAR to sponsor Ryan Vargas on his racing journey is a way for us to continue to support, celebrate and elevate the diverse creators that make our TikTok community what it is today.” Furthermore, Tran adds, “Ryan is an incredible athlete, and we’re looking forward to cheering him on alongside the rest of the TikTok community.”

Ryan Vargas Shares Tweet and TikTok Posts About Sponsorship

Ryan Vargas also tweeted the exciting news Thursday morning, saying in all caps, “THE CAT IS OUT OF THE BAG!”

His excitement is evident in his post, adding a hashtag using his car number: #TikT6k. Vargas adds in the thread that the sponsorship was sparked from his friend’s tweet back in July saying this is Vargas’ “dream sponsorship.” “

“THIS concept is what sparked it all and got conversations rolling with @tiktok_us,” says Vargas. He adds that Pistana’s help is far from over, saying, “Ryan’s talents will continue to be utilized along with @margeybutts throughout this campaign”

Of course, Vargas shows his gratitude for the new partnership on TikTok itself.


Welcome to the team, @tiktok! 🙏🏼 #Cars #Car @nascar #racing

♬ original sound – Ryan Vargas

The video of the flashy new car gives Vargas’ over 41 thousand followers a peak at what is to come. Congratulations flood the comments section. NASCAR also adds a comment to the video, saying “You’ve always been a renegade😏 ” To that, Vargas hilariously comments back, “Ok dad.”

NASCAR Fan Reactions

Fans are sharing a range of reactions on the new sponsorship. Many absolutely love the involvement of TikTok with the up-and-coming NASCAR driver and are pumped about the paint scheme. Others voice concern over recent rumors of the app’s ban in the U.S. and are shocked by the sponsorship.

Many absolutely love the way the new car looks.

One user is still grappling with the news of Michael Jordan joining the sport. The new information of TikTok’s involvement within the same week makes this user say, “2020’s a trip lmao.”

Similarly, this Twitter user shares his appreciation for the amount of NASCAR news hitting headlines this week.

Another user attempts to find words to express his feelings. He says now that Vargas has “brought Tik Tok into NASCAR and I don’t know what to say.” Though later, the user comments to his own post: “I disapprove”

Some users discuss the potential ban and sale rumors in the announcement’s comments.


Rumored U.S. Ban on TikTok

While some share the driver’s elation, many NASCAR fans worry about what will happen to the sponsorship amongst all the recent controversy around TikTok in the U.S. Last week, President Trump announced a ban on TikTok and WeChat downloads, supposedly starting Sunday, September 20. The announcement says users who already own the app may keep it, but it would be removed from the U.S. app store.

The app has drawn much attention around ownership and privacy. This summer, Trump urged TikTok to sell to an American company, in order to remain in use in the United States. No official sale has taken place, though Donald Trump continues to push for a sale. He fears national security is at threat with the popular video-sharing app.

There is no comment or update on what may happen to Vargas’ sponsorship if an American ban or sale takes place.