NASCAR: Why Clint Bowyer Is Skipping Out on Farewell Tour Before Retirement

by Evan Reier

Nobody wants to ever call it quits, Clint Bowyer included. The long-time NASCAR driver was hopeful for another go around, but a myriad of factors caused the 41-year-old to go a different route.

When you consider Bowyer’s options, it makes sense. With a pandemic and other issues currently happening in the world, nothing really feels normal. Instead, Bowyer is swinging to the next vine with a new beginning in the television booth.

Speaking to the Associated Press, Bowyer recently opened up on his decision to join Fox’s NASCAR coverage.

“I think you always, everybody in life, wants to just get by with one more year. One more year, one more lap,” Bowyer said. “It’s 2020, right? Is it the perfect time to do all of this? I don’t think 2020 is the perfect time for anything.

“This opportunity came up. It was an opportunity of a lifetime, an opportunity to stay a part of this sport for many years to come.”

Bowyer on Love of NASCAR and Retirement

Bowyer will wrap up his racing career with 15 seasons at the peak of NASCAR, with 10 wins and 225 top-ten finishes (at least) to boot.

While it’s not the ideal way to end his decorated career, it’s reality. Bowyer acknowledges that.

“I was getting ready. I was getting close to being ready,” Bowyer said of retirement. “Was I ready after this pandemic and this COVID year of no fans and a weird way to go out? No.

“But was I looking for that what’s next moment or opportunity? That answer is absolutely yes. This pandemic led to that opportunity to get in the studio.”

At the end of the day, Bowyer explains that the decision gives him an opportunity he genuinely feels excited for. He gets to work with NASCAR while moving on as smoothly as possible.

“I love being a part of this sport,” Bowyer said. “That was so important for me. I didn’t want to just retire. If this opportunity with Fox didn’t come to the table, I was going to be in a car somewhere somehow. I wasn’t going to just quit and run off into the sunset because I like this sport and I wanted to find my way and a future within it.”