Nashville Corvette Owner Sets Insane World Record for Fastest Mile in Reverse

by Taylor Cunningham

A Nashville, TN Corvette owner recently set the Guinness World Record for driving the fastest mile ever—in reverse.

The driver, Scot Burner, won the title with his 2017 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray at the National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park track in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

In a straight line, Burner said he can get his car up to 54 mph in reverse. But the Kentucky track doesn’t have a straight mile-long stretch. So he had to begin at turn four and back through turns three two and one. Then he was able to finish the epic drive on a straight drag.

Burner managed to finish the feat in 1 minute and 15.18 seconds while driving an average speed of 48 mph. The Corvette’s engine was smoking when it reached the finish line. But it luckily had no mechanical issues.

To become the Guinness record holder, Scot Burner beat a U.K. driver who backed a Nissan Leaf down a similar course in 1 min 37.02 in 2012.

The Corvette Owner Hosts a YouTube Channel From His Home in Nashville

Scot Burner has actually made a hobby off the record-breaking concept. In his spare time, the Corvette owner hosts a YouTube channel called Always in Reverse from his home in Nashville. In it, he tries backing all sorts of cars at high speeds.

“It hasn’t caught on yet,” he told Fox News. “But maybe this will get people interested.”

The whole idea began in 2000 when he put his new Honda S2000 to the test.

“I had to back it up a long distance and was able to get it up to 47 mph. I thought, ‘well, that was fun,’ then I tried the cruise control and was surprised to find that it worked.”

Burner told the publication that to test the cars, he has a very specific method.

“I turn around with my right hand on the passenger seat, put my left hand on the steering wheel and look out the rear window,” he explained. “It’s twitchy and easy to spin out if you’re not careful.”

And he learned that less the hard way when he drove a Kia Sorento’s reverse. The car ended up being his fastest ride yet, topping out at 56 mph, which was a lot of fun—until he tried stopping and the anti-lock breaks malfunctioned. Fortunately, he wasn’t injured.

Now that Burner has earned his new crown, he’s eyeing another one, the top reverse speed record, which sits at 103 mph. But he said to beat that, he’d have to modify a vehicle because most cars aren’t made with high-speed reverse capabilities.