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Nashville Explosion Goes Off Downtown on Christmas Morning

by Hunter Miller
(Photo by Jeff Gentner/Getty Images)

A shocking moment took place in Nashville earlier on Christmas morning as an explosion erupted in the downtown area.

Earlier on Friday, around 6:30 a.m. emergency crews responded after a large blast took place. The explosion went off in the Second Avenue and Broadway near Commerce Street area, according to popculture.

Many in the Davidson County area reportedly felt the blast. At this time, details remain scarce on the explosion. However, several residents in the area have captured footage of the blast and shared on social media.

The Metro Nashville Office of Emergency Management (OEM) later reported to the local news station News 2 that a parked RV exploded. When the news first broke, the authorities did not suspect foul play involved. However, latest reports state that police believe the explosion was “intentional.”

The Tennessean reports the explosion “was linked to a vehicle parked outside the Melting Pot and investigators said an RV was involved.”

Nashville Explosion: 3 People Injured in the Blast

The images and videos from the scene paint a terrifying picture. Inside several buildings, alarms are going off. Moreover, several buildings seem to have sustained structural damage with broken windows and water pouring into some of them.

Trees along Second Avenue appeared blackened from the explosion. Furthermore, from miles away, a cloud of smoke was visible in the sky.

Currently, the firefighters and authorities are asking that everyone in the area remain two blocks away until further notice.

The Metro Nashville PD later released a statement on Twitter regarding the news. “An explosion linked to a vehicle occurred at 6:30 this morning outside 166 2nd Ave N downtown. Investigation active by MNPD & federal partners.”

In addition to the damaged surrounding buildings, the authorities say three people sustained injuries in the explosion. Currently, a number of agencies continue to investigate the situation. The MNPD, FBI, ATF, and others are now involved in what is being referred to as an “active” investigation.

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