National Chicken Wing Day: How, Where to Score the Best Deals

by Amy Myers

Grab a wet nap and some bleu cheese dressing. It’s National Chicken Wing Day! Whether you’re a drumstick or a wing kind of person, you can find some great deals across the country.

According to the National Chicken Council (yes, really!), Buffalo sauce was created in the 1960s in a New York bar. At the time, a co-owner had leftover wings and decided to pour hot sauce on them for her son and his friends. The next day, customers could get Buffalo wings off the menu with a side of celery, carrots and bleu cheese.

One of the best parts about chicken wings is that they can be customized to fit anyone’s style and preferences. Since the birth of Buffalo wings, many new flavors and styles have also joined the menus for more zesty, sweet or spicier tastes.

Prefer to have clean hands? Try a dry rub. Don’t like your wings too spicy? Mild sauces are the way to go. Not a fan of finger food? Get boneless wings and grab a fork. This Maryland native prefers her wings with tons of Ole Bay.

There are so many ways to enjoy America’s favorite bar fare, and with deals like these, you’ll want to celebrate National Chicken Wing Day, too.

Four of the Best Deals for National Chicken Wing Day

While you’ll surely have local restaurants that will serve up deals of their own for National Chicken Wing Day, we wanted to provide Outsiders with five deals that are available all across the country. So, even if you don’t have a chicken wing hub in your own town, you can head to one of these locations for some spicy deals.

Bonchon’s: Korean barbecue and fried chicken have been a huge craze lately, and we can’t get enough of it! Bonchon’s offers an Asian-inspired twist on the American classic snack, and there’s no better combination than with their Cucumber Wasabi Ranch sauce. Originally released last year, the sauce is back for National Chicken Wing Day, free with any purchase of chicken wings.

Buffalo Wild Wings: This one was probably obvious to chicken-wingnuts, but we figured we’d include this awesome deal anyway. On top of their usual Tuesday Wings deal in which customers can buy one order of chicken wings and get one free, the wing-centered restaurant also added a special for fans of boneless wings. On Thursdays (hey, like today!), you can get BOGO boneless wings. And what better way to spend National Chicken Wing Day than with twice the amount of wings?

Hooters: Like BWW, Hooters is having a BOGO special of their own in celebration of National Chicken Wing Day. For today only, for every order of 10-piece chicken wings, you get one order free.

Melinda’s: We know that some people struggle to find wings that have hot enough sauces for their taste. Instead of blinding pain, they only get a twinge of heat behind each bite. Thankfully, Melinda’s has you covered. Known for their dangerously delicious Ghost Pepper Wing Sauce, the specialty sauce shop is offering a chance to get 30% off any purchase using the promo code WINGDAY30 for today only.