National Dog Day: How to Celebrate the Ultimate Companionship Offered By Man, Woman’s Best Friend

by Shelby Scott

Today is National Dog Day and Outsider is so excited to celebrate our four-legged, furry-toed companions. We definitely encourage you to share your favorite photos of your beloved pooch today. However, we’re here to share with you a little bit behind the founding of this important day. Additionally, we’re excited to share some really fun ways to celebrate. So if you have a be-tailed best friend, or several, be sure to read on.

Many of us see National Dog Day or even National Pet Day as an annual social media trend. However, the posts are used to help increase awareness for pet adoptions and fostering. National Dog Day was founded in 2004 and has been a major highlight each year since.

The founder, Collen Paige, is an animal welfare advocate and pet lifestyle expert, as well as a conservationist, dog trainer, and owner. Paige additionally founded other important highlight days throughout the year. These include National Cat Day, National Puppy Day, National Wildlife Day, and National Mutt Day.

According to The City Sentinel, dog ownership post-COVID increased by almost 11% through 2020. The latest statistics show that there are currently about 108 million dogs and puppies in American households. That number is a major increase from the 97 million in 2018. Further, the outlet states today intends to draw attention to the large number of dogs needing rehoming from shelters.

Rescuing dogs is so important. This is especially true as now, the Sentinel states adoptions are down about 3.7% this year. And, just for the month of June, intake was up 5.9%.

So, if you already have a canine companion, be sure to give them an extra squeeze from us Outsiders. If not, we hope you’ll consider opening your home to these loving and loyal animals.

How to Best Celebrate Your Puppy Dog Pal This National Dog Day

Dogs and puppies are such easy companions as the majority of them simply just want a little bit of your time and attention. National Dog Day celebrations may just include an extra walk, a trip to the park, an outing to a favorite pet toy and feed store, among others.

However, we also thought you should know that many commercial stores and websites are offering some pretty awesome deals and freebies in celebration of this important day.

According to Refinery29, companies are offering free gift cards down to free dog merch with price-met orders. Below, we’ve listed some for you.

One of the biggest pet brands many Americans are familiar with is Chewy, known for its variety of pet supplies, brands, and fast shipping. For dog owners, the company is offering a free $30 gift card with any $100+ purchase. Cat moms and dads can also score a bit of a deal this National Dog Day as they are also offering a free $15 gift card should you spend $75+.

Another popular pet outlet is BarkBox and they’re also offering a pretty rad puppy dog deal. If you decide to sign up for the monthly subscriptions this National Dog Day, your furry friend receives a free dumpling dog toy, just for being an all-around good boy (or girl).

Other companies joining the fun include Amazon, West & Willow, Petco, and more.