National Donut Day: All the Deals and Free Treats on June 4

by Brandi Stillings
Photo by XAMAX/picture alliance via Getty Images

Who could turn down a sweet and tasty donut? We’re guessing most everyone wouldn’t, especially not on National Donut Day! Whether you crave glazed, old-fashioned, or jelly-filled, treat yourself as we celebrate this delicious pastry on Friday, June 4th.

Regarded as a national holiday in the U.S., and in a few other countries, National Donut Day is always on the first Friday of June. Originally, its roots come from an event created by The Salvation Army in Chicago. Started in 1938, it’s meant to honor the volunteers who served donuts to soldiers during World War I.

Luckily, there are several food chains that are planning to join in on the festivities as well. According to Delish, here’s some of the best places to score either a free pastry or a discount on these yummy delicacies:

1. Tim Horton’s

From June 3 to June 15, they’re giving guests the chance to nab either a classic or specialty donut for 50 cents. In order to grab the deal, you must be a member of their rewards program. Lastly, it can only be redeemed with any other eligible purchase over 50 cents.

2. Duck Donuts

For every guest that stops by any of their locations on June 4, they’ll get a free bare, cinnamon sugar, or powdered donut. No purchase necessary!

3. Stan’s Donuts & Coffee

If you happen to live or are going to be in Chicago, take a visit to world famous bakery Stan’s for free glazed cake donuts all day. Available with any purchase.

4. DiGiorno Pizza

Yes, it’s a frozen pizza brand. However, for this holiday, they’re creating a special type of donut: the Digiornut. It’s only going to be around for one day, and you must enter to win it.

5. Citizen Chicken and Donuts

Located around Hartford, Connecticut, this place is offering $1 donuts the entire day. A limit of six per customer.

Fellow donut lovers, these are just five of the countless other shops with deals and free donuts. Check out nearby restaurant chains and bakeries to inquire about National Donut Day.

The Story Behind National Donut Day

Tracing back to World War I, the roots of National Donut Day involve The Salvation Army. During this time, a group of volunteers were dispatched to the frontlines. Their mission, to provide troops with comforting meals.

According to National Today, they quickly realized donuts were an effective way to provide food. Instead of navigating how to cook while in a troublesome situation.

Later on, these courageous volunteers inherited the nickname “donut lassies.” They even used war helmets to fry several donuts at a time.