National Vietnam Veteran’s Day: Honoring the Service of American Military Members

by Keeli Parkey

Even though every day is the day to thank a veteran, March 29 has been set aside to thank one specific group of those brave men and women. Today is National Vietnam Veteran’s Day.

According to, National Vietnam Veteran’s Day officially became a national holiday in 2017. That year, President Donald J. Trump signed a law that the holiday would be celebrated each year on March 29. Also, the day was unofficially observed beginning in 1974 and has also been referred to as “Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day.” This began during the presidency of President Richard Nixon.

The primary purpose of this special day is to show appreciation to the men and women who served during that war. It is also a day where special events in honor of these veterans are encouraged, according to

There are also four other goals of National Vietnam Veteran’s Day, according to the website. The second is to “highlight the service of our Armed Forces and support organizations during the war.”

The third to “pay tribute to wartime contributions at home by American citizens.”

There are also the goals of acknowledging the “technology, science and medical advances made during the war” and the “contributions of our Allies.”

Unfortunately, many events planned to honor Vietnam veterans on March 29 were not held due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, according to the website.

There are Several Ways to Honor a Vietnam Veteran Today

Even though most events planned to recognize National Vietnam Veterans Day were not held, there are also other ways you can honor a Vietnam veteran today.

According to the Vietnam Veterans of America website, one way to honor a veteran is with the virtual Wall of Faces. This online page pays tribute to those who have their name engraved on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. The memorial is located in Washington, D.C. It also allows family and friends of those brave individuals to share information. You can learn more about the Wall of Faces here.

You can also visit the Vietnam War Commemoration as a way of honoring those who served in Vietnam. This online source provides history about the war, as well as resources for veterans and their families.

U.S. Marine Corps Shares Message on Special Day

The United States Marine Corps encouraged Americans to express appreciation to veterans with a tweet on Monday. Included with the message was a video about the history of National Vietnam Veterans Day. The video features Gen. David Berger, Commandant of the Marine Corps.

According to Gen. Berger, the Department of Veterans Affairs reports that there are more than six million veterans of the Vietnam War living in the United States and across the globe. In addition, there are also approximately nine million families of the individuals who served during the war.

“… thank you all for your selfless service to our nation,” Gen. Berger says. “Semper Fidelis.”

You can watch the moving tribute below.