Navy Plane Crashes Into Rocky Banks of San Diego Bay: Report

by Shelby Scott

Two passengers aboard a small Navy-contracted jet plane walked away from a serious crash Friday amid an intense tropical storm.

According to the New York Post, the Navy plane had been making an attempt to land at Naval Air Station North Island in Coronado, California when Tropical Storm Kay blew through Southern California. After landing at the naval station, the plane slid off of the runway. Photos show that it crashed into the rocky banks of the San Diego Bay.

As stated, the passengers aboard the plane were able to walk away from the wreckage. However, one photo, which you can view here, shows the intensity of the crash and the storm. The San Diego Web Cam was able to capture a photo of the crash site. But, unsurprisingly, visibility was too poor to see the plane’s actual landing. After deboarding the Navy plane, the involved passengers were taken to a nearby hospital.

Per the outlet, Tropical Storm Kay had actually been 100 miles south of the landing strip when the plane slid into the bay’s rocky bank. Still, intense rain and wind did not aid the pilots’ landing attempt. At the time of the crash, which took place around 1:15 p.m. Friday, the area had accumulated more than half an inch of rain in a three-hour period.

Navy Plane Crashes Amid Routine Exercise

Fortunately, the Learjet 35 involved in Friday’s plane crash resulted in exactly zero fatalities. However, earlier last spring, another plane crash left one Navy sailor dead.

Back in March, a team of sailors had been partaking in a routine flight exercise in an E-2D Hawkeye when it into the waters off the coast of Virginia. The crash left one sailor dead and two others injured. The downed craft originally belonged to the East Coast Airborne Command and Control Squadron.

At the time of the crash, responding authorities reported to an area between Wallops Island and Chincoteague, Virginia.

The end-of-March crash was especially shocking as, just a few weeks prior, four U.S. Marines had died in another plane crash in Norway.

After the investigation into the later March plane crash, authorities identified the deceased sailor as Navy Lt. Hyrum Hanlon. Before his death, Hanlon had attended Arizona State University and joined the Navy in May 2017. He later reported to Norfolk’s VAW-120 in January of 2021. His commanding officer, Martin Fentress Jr., said of the late sailor at the time, “It takes a courageous and patriotic person to devote their life to the selflessness of serving in the armed forces. Hyrum embodied those characteristics and will be truly missed by his family and the Hawkeye community.”

Another commanding officer said of Hyrum’s death, “We are deeply saddened by this tragic loss and are committed to determining the cause of this incident.”