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Navy Veteran Reunited With Stolen Therapy Dog After Police Aid Search

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Pekic/ Getty Images)

And now for your daily dose of good news. This Navy veteran was reunited with his stolen therapy dog after a police search. 

James Booth and his Shar Pei, retriever, and pitbull mix, Ladybug, were the best of friends. Not only did she give Booth a companion for the last ten years, but she is a registered therapy dog through the Department of Veterans Affairs and helps Booth with “some medical issues.”

“She gives me a lot of support,” Booth told KARE 11. “She’s my best friend.” 

Veteran Gets Beloves Pup Stolen

Earlier this week, Booth’s car was stolen. However, it wasn’t the car that the veteran worried about. It was his beloved Ladybug that was also inside. 

The Saint Paul Police Department sent out a missing dog report on their Twitter page. Officials desperately needed the public’s help to find the adorable Ladybug. 

The tweet read, “Can you help us find Ladybug? Ladybug is a Shar-Pei, Pitbull, Retriever mix with a small scar on her rear left leg. She wears a pink collar (pictured) and a red therapy dog vest.”

“On Tuesday, April 27, the veteran reported that his gray 2008 Dodge Caliber was stolen. Ladybug was inside the vehicle. The Dodge Caliber is missing the front passenger hub cap and has front-drive side bumper damage.”

As the hours eventually turned to days, the Navy veteran was worried he would never see his precious pooch again. In addition, it gave Booth nightmares to think about what Ladybug was going through. 

“I couldn’t sleep, and when I did kind of nod out, I’d have nightmares that something happened to her,” Booth told the new station. “I didn’t think I was going to get her back.”

Authorities Locate Ladybug

Thankfully, on Thursday, someone who had been following Ladybug’s story on social media spotted the missing car. Ladybug was still inside, along with the woman who stole the vehicle. 

“Good news! We found Ladybug. Someone saw a story about her, then saw the stolen vehicle and called 911. Officers showed up and found Ladybug inside the stolen Dodge Caliber, along with a 33-year-old woman. Ladybug was returned home, the woman arrested. Thank you, Saint Paul!”

A Twitter user named Anna posted a video of Ladybug once she was found. Anna also thanked the Saint Paul Police Department for their efforts in bringing the loved dog home. 

A welcome home party was also in order for Ladybug’s safe return. Additionally, the veteran told the pup, “We’re gonna go get you a big ol’ steak!” That, along with so many head pats and belly scratched for the good girl!