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Naya Rivera, ‘Glee’ Star, Reportedly Dead at 33 After Body Is Found at Lake Piru

by Hunter Miller
(photo credit: Emma McIntyre / Staff / Getty Images)

The Ventura County Sheriff found a body in Lake Piru on Monday morning. Early reports claim the authorities found missing Glee star, Naya Rivera.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ they did, in fact, find Rivera’s body. On Monday, the Sheriff’s department took to twitter to share the news before identifying the body. “Happening now: A body has been found at Lake Piru this morning,” the tweet read. “The recovery is in progress.”

Authorities concluded the tweet by adding that they plan to hold a news conference at 2 pm local time to address the findings.

The 33-year-old actress went missing on Wednesday. She was on a boating trip with her 4-year-old son on a lake in the Los Padres National Forest.

The two went out on the water around 1 p.m. Around three hours later, another boater discovered Rivera’s son asleep in the boat by himself. The boater immediately notified officials. Until Monday morning, the authorities searched the area with no success.

Naya Rivera Missing: Sheriff’s Office Diver Speaks Out

Robert Inglis of the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office Search & Rescue Team previously spoke out about what possibly happened to Rivera. “The best thing that we can say that contributes to a lot of the drownings is when people go swimming and they are not wearing their life vests,” Inglis told Us Weekly.

He also added that it’s possible that exhaustion or leg cramps were a factor. “It doesn’t take much to get exhausted if you’re not in shape,” he said. “Winds do kick up at that lake, and boats start to get away and you are trying to go after that boat…you could get a leg cramp. If you are wearing a life vest, you could rest and someone can go back and pick you up, or call for help or something like that.”

Inglis concluded by adding that Lake Piru is not more susceptible to drowning deaths than other lakes. “We’ve been in that lake many times. I’ve been at the dam. I go to the deepest point. There is no rip current, there are no whirlpools,” he said.

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