‘NCIS’ Boss Claims Mark Harmon Will Always ‘Be Part of the Show’ in New Interview

by Shelby Scott

The fate of CBS‘s most popular crime drama, “NCIS,” has been in question for months following both the explosive season 18 finale and rumors claiming hallmark Gibbs actor Mark Harmon intends to leave the show very soon. And while producers and showrunners continue to keep fans in the dark leading up to the season 19 premiere, it’s been confirmed that Mark Harmon will always “be a part of [‘NCIS’].”

Again, however, don’t take that literally. Producers haven’t confirmed or denied anything surrounding Harmon’s situation. They also remain hushed concerning the future of “NCIS.”

However, due to Harmon’s long involvement in the show’s inception in 2003, the beloved actor has always had a hand in the progress of the “NCIS”, on and off-screen.

Alongside headlining “NCIS,” Harmon serves as an executive producer as well.

As many outlets and individuals alike are practically dying to know, Deadline asked CBS Entertainment President Kelly Kahl about the full extent of Gibbs’ appearances on “NCIS” for season 19, in addition to the future of the show itself.

As expected, the answer was ambiguous, giving only minor details. “Mark’s always been part of the show,” he said. And “Mark’s always going to be part of the show.” A less than climactic answer, of course.

During an earlier interview, Kahl told the media outlet, “We take it year by year with Mark, we’d love to have him as long as he’d like to be here.”

Overall, Kahl concluded, “We’re happy to work around his schedule.”

“NCIS” Producers Leave ‘All Things Possible’ With Gibbs

Based on clues fans have put together following sneak peek photos and brief video snippets, there is no doubt Mark Harmon will appear as Gibbs to some extent on the beloved show. Further, fans have begun to wonder what the season 19 premiere title for “NCIS” means. Many believe the title somehow conveys Gibbs’ fate.

“Blood in the Water” comes as Episode 1 for the 19th season. As many of the episodes’ titles frequently do, there lies some sort of meaning behind the cryptic words. Additionally, a teaser clip of the Season 19 premiere shows a roughed-up Gibbs, blood streaked across his face. Is the title referring to Gibbs’ blood in the water? The serial killer’s? Or does it refer to something entirely different?

As we’ve shared before, only the premiere episode will tell us what it means.

In regards to filming the explosive season 18 finale of “NCIS,” producers said they left “all possibilities open.”

Those possibilities extend to both Gibbs and other team members.

“NCIS” showrunner, Steven D. Binder, previously stated, “We shot a lot of different things for that [sequence], and there were a lot of different ways to cut it.” One of those could have been the Gibbs wound up dead in the water, however, graciously, the character gained enough consciousness to swim away from the boat’s wreckage.

Regardless, Binder continued, “We know he’s not dead right there…and he’s able to swim well enough…All things are still possible with Gibbs.”

While things remain uncertain as far as Gibbs and “NCIS” overall go, Binder did confirm his belief that fans are sure to love season 19 of the hit show. I suppose only “Blood in the Water” will help us decide.