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Nearly $1 Million of Rare Handbags Stolen in Florida Smash-and-Grab

by Michael Freeman
an open pocketbook left unattended in a shopping cart, prime for someone to steal it

When you hear of people robbing stores, you probably think of someone getting away with hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars. Sadly, that was not the case for a Florida boutique when nearly $1 million of rare handbags were stolen in a smash-and-grab.

USA Today reports thirteen one-of-a-kind Hermes handbags were stolen from an Only Authentics boutique in Palm Beach, Florida. Altogether, the suggested value of the bags is nearly $1 million. Retailers value a few of the handbags at six figures apiece, making them especially valuable. According to the store’s website, it is “the world’s most trusted independent dealer of Hermes and Chanel handbags and accessories.” It’s unknown if it was a single thief or many, but they snagged the bags during a smash-and-grab on December 14.

Store owner Virgil Rogers said the culprit(s) stole the bags from a window display sometime after the store closed that night. A store employee also stated his store carries a 30-year-curated collection of Hermes and Chanel handbags. Additionally, it sells rare jewelry and accessories. For reference, Hermes handbags come in a number of different styles and lines, each with one-of-a-kind pieces. Within the line, Kelly and Birkin are the most expensive.

The same store employee detailed how many bags the suspect(s) stole. According to them, eight Birkins and five Kelly’s are missing. Regarding Kellys, the most expensive bags were a 40-centimeter green crocodile skin Kelly, valued at $89,000. For the Birkin line, the most expensive missing item is a 32-centimeter Vert Bosphore Birkin listed for $110,000.

For the uninitiated, smash-and-grabs differs from shoplifting due to thieves fleeing the scene upon stealing. Traditional shoplifting is more covert, often sneaking items into a piece of clothing or bag while shopping.

After Their Mother Dies in a Florida Gas Station Fire, a Good Smaritan Saves Her 2 Kids

Though the handbag thefts aren’t the only source of bad Florida-related news lately, another incident could have been worse. Days before Christmas, a good samaritan saved a mother’s two children after she died in a Florida gas station fire.

People broke the story, relaying authorities said the fire broke out after a 66-year-old woman backed into a gas pump at the station. The car overturned the pump, pinning the mother to it and her vehicle. The fire broke out shortly afterward, burning the woman to death. Two of the victim’s children were in the car, but luckily, someone nearby sprang to the rescue. The good samaritan managed to save the children before the fire engulfed them too. Though the hero remains anonymous, they did say they weren’t aware the mother was still in the car. If they had known, they would have tried to save her too.

Sgt. Steve Gaskins of the Florida Highway Patrol stated the two children also tried to save their mother before the fire broke out. Fortunately, the fire didn’t harm them.