Nearly 300 Cars, Trucks Unite for Montana Freedom Rally: Report

by Samantha Whidden

Nearly 300 cars and trucks reportedly teamed up for this weekend’s Montana Freedom Rally. The event was held as a protest against the COVID-19 mandates and vaccinations.

According to NBC Montana, the nearly 300 cars and trucks lined up on Highway 93 near Eureka for the Montana Freedom Rally. The vehicles drove by the Port of Roosville and turned back. The media outlet states that the rally was notably peaceful. It also didn’t block border traffic. 

The Montana Freedom Rally was announced last week. The Daily Interlake spoke to the event’s organizer, Carmen Davis. She revealed that participants on the U.S. side of the border plan to meet just south of Eureka before driving their vehicles to the border crossing. They were to be notably met by a similar group making its way down from Elko in British Columbus. Both groups then planned to hold peaceful rallies on both sides of the border. 

“We are showing our support for the convoy that has gone across Canada,” the Montana Freedom Rally organizer said. “We are not protesting. Our goal is to not impede traffic in any way. Our goal is simply to exercise our Constitutional rights to freedom of assembly. And gather together with like-minded people who are just wanting their freedoms back.”

Lincoln County Commissioner Josh Letcher, who spoke at the Montana Freedom Rally, stated that it’s not whether someone is masked or unmasked as well as vaccinated or not. It’s about choice. “Whether you get to personally choose whether you do those things or not. It shouldn’t be dictated by your government or employer. Especially for the truckers. If we shut down trucking for a few days in America, our shovels are going to be empty. A lot of supplies will be stuck somewhere.”

Montana Freedom Rally Organizer States The Event is Less About the Truckers and More About the Restrictions 

Also during her interview with Daily Interlake, Davis stated that for her and her sister, Savanna Andrasko, the Montana Freedom Rally is less about the truckers and more to do with the restrictions that have the siblings apart.

“I am a lover of both nations,” Davis explained. But I am literally 90 miles from much of my family and it is very difficult to go see them. They are not backing down on the restrictions to get into Canada. And it has really been tough. I am not going to keep my kids away from their grandparents.

Davis goes on to add that she has been jumping through all the hoops with her small family so that her children can go to their grandparents’ farm across the border. “And have the life they should. The border officials have really been running me through the ringer.”