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Nearly 7000 Pounds of Ground Beef Recalled Due to Possible Contamination

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Last week, authorities issued a recall after nearly 7,000 pounds of prime beef with plastic pieces were discovered in Arizona and California.

According to the Miami Herald, Shamrock Foods sold 6,876 pounds of ground beef with plastic in it. Restaurant customers said the Gold Canyon Meat Co. brand had hard, white plastic pieces in it when they prepared beef patty products.

Beef Needs To Be Returned Or Thrown Out

U.S. Department of Agriculture safety inspectors are concerned that restaurants are keeping these recalled meats in refrigerated containers. Official urge the public to throw out or return these products to their place of purchase.

The recall included photos of a plastic machine paddle found by restaurant workers along with plastic pieces at the processing center. Included images show how much of the plastic broke from the paddle

The meat has a “EST. 6239” inside the U.S. Department of Agriculture mark. The raw beef patties left the processing center on Oct. 21 with a lot code of 29421. 

Boxes either weighed in at 11.25 or 12 pounds.

The meat ranged from Beef Chuck Patty (Ground 6 ounce gourmet prime) to Ground Slider Angus.

Restaurant managers or customers can reach out to Shamrock’s Sandy Kelly with questions at 480-564-6047 or [email protected]

Past Beef Recalls Brutal

Are beef recalls becoming a new normal in our times? Not necessarily.

According to Statista, total U.S. beef production came to about 27.54 billion pounds in 2021. That’s up from 27.15 billion pounds in the previous year.

But that does not mean recalls are not necessary.

In July, a recall warning came on more than 295,000 pounds of raw beef from an Omaha, Neb.-meat processor. Officials determined E. coli contamination affected meat in Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, and Nebraska.  

In 2018, officials reported just over 13 million pounds of beef in 31 separate instances. 

The USDA ordered its largest beef recall of 143.4 million pounds in 2008. That beef came from Chino, Calif., and ended up in many school lunches and food assistance programs. ABC News reported that Westland, the meatpacker, was accused of improperly using “downer” cattle or cattle that cannot walk to slaughter. 

The Huffington Post said officials recalled under 600,000 pounds of beef in 2016 and about 1 million in 2015.

Ranchers Raise Money To Build Plant

In October, Fox News reported on a group of ranchers who came together to fight low prices by building their plant.

The group, led by Nebraskan Rusty Kemp, attempted to raise $300 million for the plant. Kemp and his neighbors believe the rock-bottom prices arise from consolidation in the beef industry.

The North Platte, Neb. plant will comprise 400 acres, and other states may be following suit.