Neighbors Claim Bill Gates $43M ‘Bachelor Pad’ Is Becoming a ‘Nuisance’

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Lintao Zhang/Getty Images)

After winning a $43 coastal estate in San Diego during his divorce last year, Bill Gates has been forking out millions more to turn the mansion into an idyllic bachelor pad. And the process is not making an impression on his new neighbors.

At a Glance

  • Bill Gates had turned his picturesque San Diego home into a demolition project.
  • To finish by Summer, builders are working around the clock.
  • People in the neighborhood have shared that the project has become a complete “nuisance.”
  • Gates only plans on living inside the home a few months out of the year.

Bill Gates Demolition Project is ‘a Real Hindrance on the Whole Neighborhood’

Upon purchase, the sprawling 5,800 square-foot home boasted six bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, and an oceanfront view. But now that Bill Gates is the sole owner, he has completely demolished it with plans to rebuild something that more suits his personal style.

But surrounding homeowners are not thrilled about the process.

“They make a lot of noise. My baby can’t sleep,” one neighbor told the New York Post. “It’s become a real hindrance on the whole neighborhood.”

“It’s been a nuisance,” another said. 

He and Melinda Gates purchased the house on March 27, 2020. But due to a few factors, he only started the demolition process within the last three months. After waiting for the divorce to be finalized, Gates had to go through the long and nearly impossible process of obtaining building permits.

Most people never get permission to build in the San Diego neighborhood. But Bill Gates has a way of getting what he wants.

But despite the fact that he can rebuild the massive home, no one can quite figure out why he is.

“The home they purchased was in immaculate condition,” an area realtor said. “Not exactly sure why he would want to tear it down.”

Crews Working Day and Night to Complete the Seaside Oasis

Bill Gates has only dropped by the house twice since the project began. And he hasn’t made any efforts to meet other people in the neighborhood just yet. But nonetheless, everyone has been keeping an eye on the progress.

“When he comes, he checks the house, walks out in the front, inspects it,” one person said.

The Microsoft founder brings along his personal security detail when he stops by. And the shell of a house is also currently under the watch of guards 24 hours a day.

Once completed, the bachelor pad won’t be Gates’ full-time residence. He only plans on spending his summers in the home. And he hopes to have it completed by August at the absolute latest.

However, there appears to be a lot of work left before he can move in. So crews are making special efforts to finish on time—at the expense of the neighbors’ peace.

“They are working around the clock to get it done,” someone shared. 

When Bill Gates isn’t checking out his San Diego home, he’s relaxing at one of his other five residences in Seattle, WA, Del Mar, CA, Indian Wells, CA, Wellington, FL, and Cody, WY.