Nevada Neighborhood Glows in Blue After Residents Change Their Front Porch Lights to Blue in Support of Law Enforcement

by Hunter Miller

A Nevada neighborhood is beaming with support for law enforcement. All the residents of a Mesquite neighborhood changed their front porch lights to blue to stand with police.

The Mesquite NV Police took to Facebook to express its gratitude for the gesture. “They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but there aren’t enough words to explain what this picture means to us,” the post reads. “An entire neighborhood in Mesquite changed their front porch lights to blue to show their support for law enforcement. This is just another reminder of lucky we are to work in this community and we are grateful for such amazing support.”

The picture shows dozens of homes down a Nevada neighborhood road. The vibrant blue light coming from the residents’ front porches seems to be illuminating the trees and the street.

Since sharing the photo, the post racked up more than 5.7k shares and hundreds of comments. Many Facebook users weighed in to respond to the picture.

“Wonderful tribute to our officers, staff, and all our first responders,” one user writes. “What a terrific idea!”

Another user echoed a similar sentiment writing: “This just gave me chills, happy tears and such a grateful heart! Our Law Enforcement Officers need our support now more than ever. These heroes go to work and risk their lives every second of everday on the job in order to protect and serve all of us!”

“Never lived in a small town,” a Facebook user writes. “But, have had interactions with police before in my old neighborhood out of state. You all have such big eharts, you protect and serve us. We genuinely appreciate ALL that you encompass in our beautiful little town.”

Mesquite is located near the Nevada border with Utah and Arizona.

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