Never Forgotten: Christmas Wreaths Will Adorn the Tombs of Fallen Soldiers

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Families across America have begun to gather together in celebration of the approaching holidays. Simultaneously, patriotic Outsiders plan to head to more than 3,100 locations nationally tomorrow in celebration of National Wreaths Across America Day. The annual event symbolizes the respect and love Americans share for fallen service members everywhere during the Christmas holiday. It also marks the sacrifices they’ve made on behalf of their countrymen.

Fox News sat down with Wreaths Across America executive director Karen Worcester, of Boston, Massachusetts, to talk a little about the day’s events. She also details the responsibilities of volunteers and educational opportunities available to families and children.

Wreaths Across America Day takes place this year a week before Christmas on Saturday, December 18th. Then, we will see several million volunteers head to cemeteries across the country to place memorial wreaths on numerous headstones. As Worcester states, the goal of the celebration is to “Remember, honor, and teach,” values especially important during a time of year where family and tradition remain so important.

Patriotic Memorial Ceremony Aims to Teach Children’s Heritage

In performing the wreath ceremony, volunteers say the names of those fallen soldiers, taking a moment to “teach our kids about their heritage.” The Wreaths Across America executive director states this is important as “their knowing their heritage is the best building block for [our children’s] future.”

Photo by Outsider Media Network/Staff Writer Shelby Scott, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Additionally, Worcester provided the outlet and viewers alike with how Outsiders everywhere might get involved. The executive director encourages those interested to go to There, you should be able to find a location near you and look for scheduled times for the ceremonies. Be sure to pay attention to CDC guideline requirements as they vary state to state!

Wreaths Across America employs the helping hands of more than two million volunteers. However, Worcester also highlighted the participation of truck drivers across the country in their efforts to deliver the symbolic wreaths.

‘Wreaths Across America’ Concludes at Arlington National Cemetery

Worcester provided a little insight as to what takes place during the “Wreaths Across America” ceremony. Now, we’re here to share a little more with you regarding the national parade’s journey.

Taking place annually, the national parade began on December 11th this year. The large convoy departed Columbia Falls, Maine last week and concludes their journey on Saturday, as it does annually, at Virginia’s Arlington National Cemetery.

Further, there remains no doubt that the wreath-placing ceremony is important in itself. But regarding the sense of morale, pride, and honor that emits from the celebration, Worcester said, “The way we and the mission are welcomed into communities…is something we always wished every American could witness.”

She further described the festive event. It has waving flags and streets lined with children and veterans alike. She described it as “an experience of a lifetime.”