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New AC/DC Single ‘Shot in the Dark’ Best Mainstream Rock Songs Chart Debut Since 2008

by Chris Haney
Photo credit should read PATRICIA DE MELO MOREIRA/AFP via Getty Images

Legendary Australian rock band AC/DC are coming out with their first new album since 2014, and the group’s lead single “Shot in the Dark” is already crushing the Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Songs chart as it sits at No. 5 on the list.

The new single is the highest charting rock song in over 12 years. In 2008, Disturbed’s “Inside the Fire” charted at the same position. However, it makes AC/DC’s No. 5 ranking that much more impressive since the song was released on Oct. 7. Therefore the song only had five days of airplay, instead of the normal full week. Yet, the song still flew up the charts.

AC/DC’s single ranked at No. 5 is the band’s best ever debut since Mainstream Rock Songs became a category in 1981. In fact, “Shot in the Dark” surpassed their single “Big Gun” from the Last Action Hero soundtrack. That single made topped out at No. 6 on the charts in 1993.

The new song picks right back up where the iconic band left off. “Shot in the Dark” immediately sounds like it could fit right in with some of their other classics. The heavy blues-based riffs of guitarist Angus Young sound like he could have written them the same day he wrote “Highway to Hell,” which released in 1979.

AC/DC Reunites for New Album Power Up

Power Up will include the return of British singer Brian Johnson. Johnson’s famous gravelly voice is a welcome comeback for AC/DC fans after he stepped away from the band in 2016. The lead singer suffered from hearing loss and his doctor ordered him to take significant time off from the group. In addition, drummer Phil Rudd reunited with the band for the album after seeking treatment in rehab.

During a short clip posted to AC/DC’s official Twitter account, lead guitarist Angus Young spoke about their new album title.

“It was just a good title to sum up the album,” Angus Young said of Power Up. “We wanted something that summed up the band. You know, we’re AC/DC, so we wanted a title that was powerful. And Power Up seemed pretty (appropriate).”

The classic rock band is releasing their new album titled Power Up on Nov. 13. The album will receive a full release including a limited edition deluxe lightbox, CD, and vinyl record. Additionally, Power Up will be available to stream digitally the same day.

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