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New Defense Bill Raise for Troops Amounts to Pay Cut With Inflation: Report

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images)

On Monday, President Biden signed a new defense bill sporting a multitude of changes and alterations. Among them is a raise for US troops which would initially be a good thing. However, after taking inflation into consideration, it actually amounts to a pay cut.

Fox News reports the 2022 National Defense Authorization Act President Biden signed included a 2.7 percent raise for military members. Nonetheless, after taking inflation and other factors into consideration, it equates to a decrease in pay. For example, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed the Consumer Price Index has risen 6.8 percent over the last year. Consumer goods have been hit especially hard, with food rising 6.1 percent and gas a staggering 58.1 percent.

American Enterprise Institute Senior Fellow John G. Ferrari spoke to Fox, expressing concern for the economy. “The situation is serious now because we have not seen this level of inflation in decades.” Ferrari served as a former U.S. Army General who specialized in defense budget research. According to him, lower enlisted military members will really feel the sting. “For Troops at the lowest part of the pay scale, the cost of gas and food may drive some deeper into debt, or they may rely more on food banks.”

Besides inflation adversely affecting US troops’ pay, contractors also face supply chain issues and rising prices trying to compete with Russia and China. Ferrari suggests to properly combat this, the 2023 defense spending should rise from $756 billion to roughly $806 billion. Additionally, for President Biden to effectively combat inflation, next year’s pay raise should equal as much as 6.8 percent.

Ferrari states if those conditions aren’t met, our military members could be in dire straits, especially those of lower rank.

President Biden Creates UFO Investigation Unit with Defense Bill

President Biden’s new defense bill introduced many other things besides the military pay adjustments. Another is the creation of a UFO investigation team.

As a part of the $770 billion defense bill President Biden signed, a ground-based agency will focus solely on UFO sightings. The team will examine any “threat” posed by UFOs and oversee efforts to “capture” them, The Sun reports. The unit will report its findings to Congress both in annual and biannual meetings. Furthermore, this office will provide briefings on “any efforts to capture or exploit” UFO-related phenomena.

The Department of Defense and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence aim to jointly set up the office. This collaboration makes the unit a blend of both intelligence and military communities. UFO sightings have increased across the United States this year and the government appears to be taking these concerns seriously.

X-Files fans may have their work cut out for them now if they manage to join the new unit.