New Details Surface About Woman Who Died Crashing Car Into Niagara Falls

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Roberto Machado Noa/LightRocket via Getty Images)

On Wednesday, December 8th, a woman crashed her car into the Niagara River near the American Falls in New York. State Police immediately responded to the incident. The nearly-submerged car inched closer to the edge of the falls as authorities learned that the vehicle was occupied. The NY State Police and US Coast Guard mounted a dramatic rescue mission with moments to spare.

Fearing that the car could tumble over the edge of the American side of Niagara Falls, a USCG helicopter pulled the passenger from the vehicle. Unfortunately, the passenger died before she could be removed from the car. Many things about the incident, including the woman’s name and cause of death, are still mysteries. However, some new details did come to light yesterday.

New Details About the Car That Crashed Into Niagara Falls

State Parks Police stated that, at this point in the investigation, it seems that this was not an accident, according to WGRZ, a NY-based NBC affiliate. State Parks Police Captain Chris Rola stated that several witnesses watched the woman drive her car into the Niagara River near the Falls. She entered the water between the pedestrian and vehicle bridges at Goat Island.

Over the years, several people have died in the icy water of the Niagara River. For a time, daredevils would attempt to go over the falls in barrels and other contraptions. So, authorities are used to pulling injured or deceased people from the frigid river. However, this situation is something altogether new for area authorities. Captain Rola said that they’ve never had a car in the water this close to Niagara Falls. Today, the car is closer to the brink than it was during the rescue attempt. Authorities are still formulating a plan to get the car out of the water.

Captain Rola also confirmed that the woman who appears to have tried to go over Niagara Falls in her car was an area resident. Additionally, he stated that she was in her 60s. However, they will not release the name of the deceased driver until they have notified the family. Currently, her body is undergoing examination at the Erie County Medical Examiner’s office.

Several videos of the daring rescue attempt are floating around social media. It looks like something fit for Hollywood. A rescuer pulls the driver’s lifeless body from the car, fearing it would tumble over the edge of Niagara Falls. However, the rescue attempt was even more dramatic than it appeared. The US Coast Guard team that arrived on the scene came from Detroit, Michigan. They were preparing for training when the call came in. Derrian Duryea, an aviation survival technician with the USCG, was the man lowered from the helicopter to pull the still-unnamed woman from the vehicle.