New Electric Pickup Truck Is Semisubmersible, Fords Pool of Water During Testing

by Shelby Scott

Car companies are becoming ever more innovative in response to climate change and a growing lack of fossil fuels. Famous truck companies like Ford and Chevy continue to work toward creating hybrid and all-electric vehicles. However, one startup company has far exceeded even those expectations. The auto company, Rivian, previously debuted its all-electric, semi-submersible R1T pickup truck. Now, a recent tweet proves it walks the walk as well as talkin’ the talk. Check it out.

The green R1T in the clip calmly rolls through the water. It gently parts the surface as a boat might before rolling back up out of the pool. What allows the truck to endure so much water is the vehicle’s overall design. According to FOX News, the foundation of the Rivian R1T pickup truck is comparable to the shape of a skateboard. The vehicle’s battery pack resides in the floor and each axle is powered by electric motors. The outlet further shared the truck’s entire drivetrain was submerged during the test, proving its capability for handling an onslaught of water.

What also allows the electric pickup truck to perform so well is its modern air suspension system. The system enables the vehicle to rise from 7.9-inch ground clearance to 14.5 when traveling at lower speeds. Rivian ‘s truck further boasts some other pretty cool features, in addition to its 300-mile per charge range.

The R1T pickup truck has the ability to accelerate from 0-60 in just 3 seconds. It received a tow rating of 11,000 pounds. Overall, Outsiders looking for an innovative and environmentally friendly bull of a vehicle could turn to Rivian for any towing, racing, or boating needs.

Jeep Rivals Rivian’s R1T Pickup Truck

The Rivian R1T pickup truck is no doubt sensational in its design and all-terrain capability. Nevertheless, there are many car traditionalists who simply won’t turn from their beloved, world-renowned brands. One of which, famous for its all-terrain capability, is the Jeep brand. Jeeps made their debut during the early 1940s, headlining their reign with the military-tough Jeep Willys.

Decades later, however, times have changed and, with that, so have vehicle capabilities and necessities. Recently, Jeep’s Vice President of North American Operations Jim Morrison revealed that the auto brand plans to release its fully electric Jeep Wrangler model by 2023.

While vehicles are heavily responsible for today’s environmental deterioration, Morrison further shared that he and the brand overall eventually hope to be the “greenest SUV brand” within the next decade. He previously shared that Jeep’s Wrangler 4xe has become the best-selling plug-in hybrid in the United States.

With so little time to remedy the harshest effects of climate change, it appears vehicle brands worldwide are doing what they can to lessen their brands’ impact.