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New Jersey Man’s Gruesome Christmas Decorations Has the Neighbors Creeped Out

by Victoria Santiago
(Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

Residents of Manalapan, New Jersey, are feeling creeped out by one home’s decorations. It’s a self-described “Killer Christmas” display. Instead of the usual candy canes and Christmas trees, this house boasts something a little more sinister. The display includes evil elves, gingerbread versions of Chucky and Jason, and a towering skeletal Santa. One neighbor, who wished to remain anonymous, said, “I don’t like it. It’s not for Christmas.”

It seems that most people were shocked when they saw the Christmas decorations. The display included a scene of Krampus and a caged child. Krampus is a European legend that punishes naughty kids on Christmas. From far away, it looks like any other house decorated for Christmas. Gabrielle Farina, 22, was driving through town with her younger siblings when they saw the house. They had been listening to Christmas songs and looking at all the lights. “I saw the bright light from down the street, but when I pulled up to the house I was … shocked by what I saw. During what is supposed to be a season of joy, it’s disturbing to see such a gruesome take on the holiday in my own town. It’s especially upsetting for those with small children, since the decorations are far from jolly,” she said.

Kris Campbell is the man in charge of the “Killer Christmas” display. He had spent years putting up normal holiday decorations and just wanted to try something else for a change. Campbell took his Halloween decorations and modified them to fit the holiday theme a little better. Those close to him aren’t particularly fond of the display, but they can see how hard he worked on it. To DIY all of those Halloween decorations is a labor of love, no doubt.

Deciding When to Take Christmas Decorations Down

While we’re not sure when (or if) Kris Campbell plans to take down his creepy holiday decorations. We know Dolly Parton’s stance on decorations, though. She leaves hers up until the end of January. Specifically, she keeps them up until at least January 19th. That’s Dolly’s birthday. She celebrates up until the very last minute.

Some people are staunchly against leaving lights up in January, but thankfully not everyone. According to a study done, more than half of Americans think it’s totally fine to leave Christmas lights up through January. 83% of people that participated in the study also said that having lights up made them feel better. They felt happier seeing decorations, especially during the pandemic when moods are at an all-time low.

Now that Christmas is over, what do you think? Will the lights be accompanying you into the new year? If Dolly says it’s okay, then what other excuse could you possibly need? Leave ’em up a little longer.