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New Lamborghini Owner Has $300K Car Seized for Speeding On the Way Home from the Dealership

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Pietro D'Aprano/Getty Images)

Imagine rolling off the car lot in a $300K Lamborghini, only to have that same vehicle seized from you moments later? Actually, that’s exactly what happened to one unfortunate speeder in Denmark after racing home from the dealership.

According to Fox News, a Norway resident had just purchased a brand new Lamborghini Huracan Performante Sypder in Germany when the incident occurred. The speeder was on his way back to home after picking up the car. However, he was caught going 236 kilometers per hour (the equivalent of 147 miles per hour) in a 130 kph zone (81 mph) last week.

Unfortunately, the drive home was cut short as authorities pulled the driver over for reckless driving. They then seized the car, which authorities said made the driver “a little annoyed.”

Following the car’s seizure, the driver must now attend court to hear the consequences of the incident. Additionally, while the seizure of the vehicle is bad enough, the consequences from speeding may potentially wind up much worse.

The news outlet shared that Denmark, where the driver was stopped, recently passed a new auto law. The move now allows authorities to both confiscate and auction off the cars of reckless drivers. So, not only could the driver possibly be out of a brand new car. He could have potentially flushed a jaw-dropping $300K down the drain.

Moral of the story, drive it like you just bought it–not like you stole it.

2020’s Most Stolen Car Wasn’t a Lamborghini Model (Shocker)

As I said before, driving it like you stole it isn’t always a great plan, especially when you just bought that new Lambo. However, when you actually did jack the vehicle, perhaps it’s best to do just that. Although, that is not to say that I encourage car theft.

Now, our unfortunate Norwegian speeder may potentially see his brand new car auctioned off. Across the pond, here in the United States, 2020 saw an increase in car theft itself. Reports total a significant 11% increase.

Fox News reported that of those stolen cars, the most stolen for the year were the popular Ford-F Series and the Chevrolet Silverado full-size trucks. The statistics come from the National Insurance Crime Bureau’s “Hot Wheels” list for most stolen vehicles.

This year, reports show the trucks surged past the popular Honda Civic. The smaller car previously held rank as the list’s most stolen car.

As far as the reasoning behind these targeted cars and trucks, Bankrate reports it all depends on the vehicle’s specifics. These include factors like the car’s year, model, and overall possession of precious metals. The outlet stated that because of the rise in prices regarding precious metals, vehicles sporting easier access to those particular parts tend to see increased theft rates.

So, while the previous year’s most stolen cars consisted of the 2000 Honda Civic and the 1997 Honda Accord, 2020’s include the 2006 Ford F-Series pickups and the 2004-05 Silverados.