New Mega ‘Apex’ Cruise Ship Dwarfs the Competition

by Megan Molseed

Celebrity Cruises has introduced its newest ship to its fleet, and it is a big one! So big this newly developed cruise ship is the “Apex” vessel among the luxury cruise lines.

This brand new Cadillac of luxury cruise ships is almost ready to hit the open seas, too. The cruise liner will begin taking passengers all around the world from the Bahamas to the British Isles as soon as 2022.

What is it that makes this ship the pinnacle vessel among the other ships at sea? To start, the 14-deck, 130,000-ton luxury cruise line boasts a long list of some major designers working to make this brand-new cruise line as swanky as possible.

The Apex Cruise Ship Brings State-of-the-art Luxury To Sea

This impressive luxury ocean liner also includes the world’s first cantilever platform. Yes, a portion of this massive ship extends from the vessel, floating above the ocean!

The tennis court-sized space includes a restaurant and an entertainment area. Best part? It moves. It travels up and down the side of the ship throughout the day, totaling thirteen stories in all.

And, this impressively luxurious celebrity cruise ship has gone the extra mile, improving on an issue that even the most iconic cruise ships have yet to address across the board. Almost every single one of the Apex’s staterooms features king-sized beds. That’s right. The sleeping quarters are large enough to fit an entire king-sized bed!

And, these aren’t just any beds, either. These staterooms feature cashmere mattresses, specialty pillows, and 300-thread-count Egyptian cotton sheets.

Each room aboard the Apex has been designed to model a spacious condo, rather than the tiny cabins a lot of cruise-goers are used to.

For cruise-ship passengers who are looking for even more luxury, the Apex offers travelers two-story villas with floor-to-ceiling windows and penthouse suites. These suites offer walk-in closets that would put any regular cruise ship cabin to shame.

Never a Dull Moment Aboard the Apex!

The Apex also includes 29 different venue options for dining and drinking. From live entertainment, comfortable lounges, dancing, or even restaurants run by celebrity chefs, the Apex has it all.

Even the kiddos were considered while designing the Apex. The little ones have their restaurant options with an animated culinary option called Le Petit Chef.

On top of all this luxury, the Apex also offers luxury shopping such as Cartier and Bvlgari. You know, if the $1,000 per person price tag didn’t already get you to your spending cap. However, if it does, passengers can look at recouping their losses at the Apex’s casino which features 2,015 games and 148 tables.