New Mysterious Metal Monolith Appears In Romania, Identical to One Found in Utah

by Will Shepard

On this episode of 2020… yet another metal monolith has been discovered! This time, on a hillside in Romania. Just like the metal monolith found in Utah, this one looks identical.

This mysterious metal monolith appeared on a hillside outside a small town in Romania, exceptionally close to an ancient fortress. It still has the shiny metal look, just as the one did in Utah. However, this has swirling artwork all over the back of the monolith with a slanted top.

Just like its Utah counterpart, the Romanian officials are basically clueless as to how the monolith got there.

Romanian officials say that it is on private land feet from where a Dacian fortress once stood. What officials do know is that the structure stands at 13 feet, one foot taller than the one in Utah.

Still, though, officials have no idea what to make of the monolith, but they are working to uncover more. Rocsana Josanu, an official for Neamt Culture and Heritage, says that they are looking into the structure but have nothing to report yet.

Once again, comparisons are being made to the book by Arthur C Clarke, “2001: A Space Odyssey.” In the book, a monolith – not unlike the two the world’s been introduced to – appears in Africa and seems to give out intelligence to giant apes. Hopefully, this one and the one in Utah didn’t give extra intelligence to the insects across the world.

Monolith an Alien Sturcture?

There is rampant speculation online that this is aliens at work. People wonder if these are fragments of UFO’s coming apart and landing on the ground upright as these two have.

The world seems to be getting a new terror-inducing, potentially world-ending phenomenon every month. This is the latest fear-inducing oddity found.

Google Earth shows that the structure appeared between August 2015 and October 2016.

People are absolutely shocked by these monoliths suddenly appearing, and then one disappearing. So, can the world be put at ease by saying that this structure is simply an art installation?