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New Netflix Scams Are Going Around, Here’s What to Watch Out For

by Outsider
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Online scams are a dime a dozen. It seems there are especially several out in the wild meant to target Netflix subscribers and other online streaming customers, though. While there have been scams in the past working to get subscribers to give out information and even free subscriptions, a recent one takes the cake.

According to Armorblox, this new Netflix scam is actually an email that does its best to convince customers that they need to update their billing information. The email includes a link to a fraudulent Netflix page. There, users enter their personal account information. It may look like a real Netflix page, for instance, but it isn’t. There, hackers steal credentials and use them for nefarious purposes.

This scam sees a much higher success rate than usual because it looks legitimate, uses legitimate domain names, and looks professional. But all communications should come from Netflix, and you should forward any that look even a bit off to [email protected] Unfortunately, this is far from the worst scam that’s causing a stir online.

You might be linked to pages that ask you to change your password, but in reality it’s broadcasting your password to a third party. Another page still might retain your payment details. Be sure to keep your eyes open when it comes to online scams like these.

How to protect yourself from Netflix scams

  • Watch out for misspelled words and incorrect information.
  • Make sure the domain name you visit is correct.
  • Don’t click every single link you’re sent.
  • Verify email addresses.
  • Go to the official Netflix page to conduct business, pay bills, or change account information.

If you stay abreast of all the recent scams, you shouldn’t be burned by one. That’s going to mean watching out for yourself, so be sure to keep these list items in mind going forward.

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