New Orleans Jazz Fest Featuring The Rolling Stones, Jimmy Buffett, and More Cancelled

by Samantha Whidden

Bad news from the city of New Orleans. The 2021 New Orleans Jazz Festival has officially been canceled. This year’s event was going to feature performances from The Rolling Stones and Jimmy Buffet. 

According to a statement on its website, the New Orleans Jazz festival will not occur due to the current COVID-19 conditions. “As a result of the current exponential growth of new COVID cases in New Orleans and the region and the ongoing public health emergency, we must sadly announce that the 2021 edition of the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival will not focus as planned.”

Organizers of the New Orleans Jazz Fest also reveal that the event will return during its traditional timeframe, with 2022’s dates being April 29th until May 8th. They also revealed that Festival weekend ticket holders will receive an email later this week with details about the ticket refund and rollover process. All Wednesday, October 13th, ticketholders are receiving refunds. “In the meantime, we urge everyone to follow the guidelines and protocols put forth by public health officials, so that we can all soon experience together the joy that is Jazz Fest.”

Tickets for the 2021 New Orleans Jazz Fest went on sale at the end of July. 

Fans of the New Orleans Jazz Fest React to the 2021 Cancellation

Following the news that this year’s New Orleans Jazz Fest was officially canceled, fans of the yearly event took to Twitter to express their frustration about the situation. “So sad, but better safe – no super spreader event needed in NOLA,” one Twitter user rights. Another user chimes in, “This is pretty much the death knell for Jazz fest as a whole. I blame the COVIDIOTS who are NOT vaccinated. GET VACCINATED PEOPLE!”

“Musicians, artists, food vendors, and countless other people depend on these events to make a living. We are a tourist-based economy. To the unvaccinated: STOP F—ING UP!” another Twitter user proclaims. 

Others continued to blame anti-vaxxers for destroying the New Orleans Jazz Fest. Some Twitter users also say that canceling the event, which is outdoors, is actually cowardice. “There were so many other ways to address this the most obvious requiring proof of vaccination.  The ultimate irony will be watching the delta spike end by mid-September,” a Twitter user adds. 

New Orleans Jazz Fest Canceled Amid Fourth & Most Severe Surge of COVID-19 in Louisiana

The 2021 New Orleans Jazz Fest was canceled amid what Louisiana officials proclaim to be the fourth and most severe surge of COVID-19 that the state has experienced so far. New Orleans Health Department Director, Dir. Jennifer Avegno, reveals in a recent statement, “We must take a multi-pronged approach to combat the virus. Masking slows the spread. Testing identifies case and pandemic trends. And vaccines prevent hospitalizations and deaths.”