New Orleans Small Business Owner Blasts Disney for Putting Them ‘Out of Business After 37 Years’

by Michael Freeman

A New Orleans small business owner saw her store survive for decades but recently went under. The interesting thing is she blames Disney, saying the company “put her out of business after 37 years.”

The news emerged when someone named Michael Manzella happened to notice her clothing store, Southern Cotton Company. It was closed and had a sign in the window claiming Disney had forced it to shut down. Manzella then recorded a video and uploaded it to TikTok, where it went viral.

The video displays the store window and the sign, with Manzella reading it aloud before panning to the street behind him. “Thanks DISNEY and NOLA FILM office for putting me out of business after 37 years of business at this location,” it begins. “I survived Katrina, the BP oil spill, an armed robbery, the building next door collapsing, mandatory covid closure, to name just a few… Who would believe MICKEY MOUSE would take me down!”

Elaborating, Manzella claims the store is closing because Disney is filming in the French Quarter. The clip quickly gained attention and though many expressed anger at Disney for allegedly leading to the business closing, others say it isn’t their fault. According to them, Disney typically compensates businesses if filming affects them.

“That’s total BS. Disney compensates businesses to close for the time they are filming. Seems like this shop was already going downhill for a while,” someone wrote. “sounds like they weren’t making money,” said another.

However, others sympathize with the store owner, saying a fake building being built next door completely blocked the entrance. Others also stated Disney may have shut down the entire street to film the movie. Daily Mail reached out to Disney to comment but has yet to get a response.

Elon Musk Reacts to Minnie Mouse’s New Look Along with Disney Fans

This isn’t the only time in recent memory Disney received mixed attention. The company revealed Minnie Mouse’s new look, which outraged many fans. Naturally, Elon Musk couldn’t help but voice his opinion on that matter.

Revealed a little over a week ago, Minnie Mouse received a new design for Women’s History Month. The design has her ditch her signature polka-dot dress and don a blue pantsuit instead. Twitter exploded with criticism and where there’s fire, there’s Elon Musk to comment on it. “Disney in the streets, Euphoria in the sheets,” he tweeted while quoting a Daily Mail article.

Stella McCartney designed the outfit herself and released a statement as to its importance to her. “I wanted Minnie to wear her very first pantsuit at Disneyland Paris, so I have designed one of my iconic costumes – a blue tuxedo – using responsibly sourced fabrics,” she began. “This new take on her signature polka dots makes Minnie Mouse a symbol of progress for a new generation. She will wear it in honour of Women’s History Month in March 2022.”