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New Research Speculates Why Aliens Have Never Visited Earth

by Jonathan Howard
Getty Images

Aliens. A fun topic of discussion for just about anyone. However, new research begs the question… why haven’t they visited? Now, some folks might take exception to that question. For a number of people, aliens have been to Earth in the past. However, this research asks, why is there no proof 100% either way? It’s making news and raising even more questions.

So, No Aliens?

  • Aliens are a hot topic here on Earth and new research hopes to explain why we haven’t contracted any
  • The research basically says civilization has one of two paths to go down
  • The research is meant to cause reflection on our own society on Earth and our own consumption

The Royal Society Open Science journal is making a new claim. It has to do with civilizations and their growth. Basically, the research says that the reason we haven’t made verifiable contact with aliens among the stars, is for good reason.

The research states, “civilizations either collapse from burnout or redirect themselves to prioritizing homeostasis, a state where cosmic expansion is no longer a goal, making them difficult to detect remotely.”

In plain English… civilizations either have a need for constant expansion, where finite resources are used up for infinite growth, so interstellar travel and research is needed. Like, Elon Musk wanting to colonize Mars. Usually, these civilizations burn up and end before they can achieve their goals in space.

On the flip side, there are the civilizations that figure things out, and live in peace with their environment and their resources. Using renewables and other sustainable life practices. However, these civilizations have no need for space travel because they don’t need to expand further than their own planet. So, no aliens.

“Either outcome,” the research says. “Homeostatic awakening or civilization collapse – would be consistent with the observed absence of [galactic-wide] civilizations.”

What the researchers want to do with this research is not necessarily say this or that is fact. It is mostly to make people think and reflect on our own society here on Earth.

But What Does it Mean for Earth?

Ultimately, researchers wanted us here on Earth to reflect on our own cities, consumption, and energy usage. It could explain why we haven’t interacted with aliens. While it sounds a little doom and gloom, the researchers say that Earth is a good example of “homeostatic awakenings.” At least, it seems to be.

There isn’t a lot of evidence to point towards. However, one piece of evidence that the research points out is denuclearization.

“While humanity has not yet removed the threat of nuclear annihilation, today it is somewhat diminished, and the global tally of nuclear warheads stands at less than 14,000.”

So, good news. Well, maybe not for those that want to interact with alien societies…but good for Earth! And I’ll take that.