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New Texas Law Will Make Chaining Up Dogs Outside Illegal

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Simon Lees/PhotoPlus Magazine/Future via Getty Images)

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed a bill into law this Monday that makes it illegal for folks in the state of Texas to chain up their dogs outside.

Abbott vetoed a similar bill earlier this summer. It goes into effect on January 18, 2022 and is a bit complicated.

The law makes it illegal to chain one’s dog outside with either chains or weighed-down restraints. If you do use an outdoor restraint for a dog, it has to be 10-feet long the law reads, or, and this is even more complicated, five times the dog’s length beginning from its nose to its tail. So, if you’re going to chain up your dog outside, you’re going to have to be hyper-vigilant of these new codes and requirements.

What’s in the Texas Dog Law?

The President of the Texas Animal Control Association Jamey Cantrell believes they know why Abbott changed his mind on the matter, “If there was no outcry … it would still be something that we’d be planning on working on next legislative session,” Cantrell explained at the time. “But collectively, the Texans that did come through and make their voices heard, they’re the ones who are really responsible for where we’re at right now.”

One of the less complicated aspects of this bill is that law enforcement can now get involved in a situation like this. Even if it has not been 24 hours. Previously, law enforcement could not get involved to a predicament like this without that amount of time passing. Instead, they can help the dogs anytime. Owners can also no longer leave their dog outside by themselves with a harness unless they also have the essentials like water, shade and general protection from poor conditions. This is great.

Break the law? You’re looking at a $500 fine. It will also carry a Class C and B misdemeanor. It depends ultimately on the specific violation.

Who doesn’t love man’s best friend? Everybody loves dogs. These new rules and laws only can serve to make things better for dogs across all Texas. It ensures that each are getting the care and attention and love that they deserve.

It should be noted there are some folks exempt. Folks in Texas that are hunting or working in livestock or agriculture, are exempt from the new laws.