New York Army Veteran Honored for Saving Kids from Shootout, Taking Bullet

by Quentin Blount

Local members of the New York media are calling one Army veteran a hero after he saved multiple children to safety during a shooting.

59-year-old Tony Grier is now being praised for his actions. Grier is credited with rushing several children to safety when two gunmen were letting off shots outside of the Prince Deli & Grocery store in Harlem. However, in doing so, he took a bullet himself to the abdomen.

“All of a sudden shots just started springing out from everywhere,” Grier said.

According to reports Grier helping a friend carry some cardboard boxes from his deli when he noticed a group of men standing outside the store. Shortly after, Grier and another person saw the crew outside spot another person down the block wearing a ski mask and a white T-shirt over their head. That’s when gunfire erupted.

And instead of running for cover himself, Grier — a veteran of Operation Desert Storm — did what any Army veteran in his shoes would do. He put his own life at risk to rush several kids to safety

“We made sure the kids were hunkered down and we didn’t make our moves to over ourselves until we knew the children were safe,” he said. “A good friend of mine from the military just told me to hold my post, ‘Don’t move. I’ll tell you when to move. The military kicked in as the bullets were flying over. I felt like I was 19 again.”

Army Veteran Being Called a Hero

Even Attorney Lambros Lambrou of The Lambrou Law Firm took notice of Tony Grier’s brave actions. After he had learned what happened, he reached out to the Army veteran himself.

“You have a guy who served this country. He learned the things in training that he utilized here to protect some kids in the community,” Lambrou said. “It really was a story that touched me.”

As a result, Lambrou said that he arranged for Grier to take a vacation anywhere he wanted. And to make matters even better, he could bring anyone he wanted — all expenses paid.

“We got him a round-trip ticket,” Lambrou continued. “He’ll be staying at the Bristol Hotel and anything he wants to do there is on us.”

So, you would think that Grier would want to go relax and decompress on a tropical island, right? Wrong – he’s going down to Bristol, Virginia to visit his family. And he’s taking his wife, son, daughter, and two grandchildren on a special trip to the waterpark.

After learning that’s how Grier planned to use his all-expenses-paid trip, Lambrou said it didn’t really surprise him giving the type of person that he is. After all, any person that would put their own life at risk to help others is a person of true character.