New York Couple Celebrates Dawn of New Year by Getting Engaged

by Victoria Santiago

A New York couple got engaged during Fox’s New Year Special, “All-American New Year.” Their engagement fit in perfectly with the host of activities that were put on for the holiday. The New Years’ Eve special featured a scavenger hunt, a line-dancing competition, and more.

During a segment dedicated to the NYE scavenger hunt, we see host Lawrence Jones step up to a couple of New Yorkers named Frank and Christina. “Frank, I think you have something that you have to take care of tonight,” Lawrence Jones says, before pointing the mic in Frank’s direction. This is when we see Frank propose to Christina. It was the first wedding proposal of the night.

Frank seems visibly nervous (of course, how could you not be) and tells his girlfriend how much he loves her. “I want to tell this beautiful woman right here, the love of my life, Christine, will you be with me for the rest of my life, because I love you,” Frank says. He goes back and forth between speaking towards the mic and speaking directly to Christina. She said yes. Even though he didn’t speak into the mic directly, everyone around heard the exchange and promptly cheered for them, including the host. What a way to bring in the new year! Congratulations to the happy couple.

Ozzy Osbourne’s Son Gets Engaged

This time of year is always chock full of engagements. The Osbournes are celebrating the engagement of their son, Jack. Over the holidays he got engaged to his long-time girlfriend, Aree Gearhart. Of course, after the engagement, a host of social media posts went around congratulating the two. They both announced this new chapter of their lives online, as well.

Aree Gearhart posted her own little tribute to Jack and the engagement. “today my best friend asked me to marry him in a magical winter wonderland. i’ll love you forever and then some @jackosbourne . my soulmate, my adventure partner, my protector. i’m ready for forever w you + our tribe,” Gearhart wrote.

In response to her post, Jack shared his own post celebrating his new fiance. He has three kids from a previous marriage, and amongst his loving words, he was sure to mention how great of a step-mom she is. “Today I asked the most beautiful and loving woman I’ve ever met to marry me. She said yes!! Life is a series of doors and I’m so excited to walk through this one with her. She’s truly a magical being with a heart bigger then anything I could have imagined. Her step-mom skills make my heart so full. I couldn’t be happier then I am right now,” Osbourne shared.

‘Tis the season! For spending time with family and adding new family members along the way. Congrats to the Osbournes, as well.