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New York Man Channels ‘American Pickers’ with Hidden Attic Full of Valuable Antiques

by Anna Dunn
(Photo by Brian Killian/WireImage)

One New York man is channeling the show American Pickers with an attic full of extremely valuable antiques. And according to the man, he had no idea the attic was full of treasures. David Whitcomb bought a home in New York and planned to use it for his law offices, but when he and a friend started to explore the upper attic, they found a treasure trove of antiques.

The only difference between this situation and American Pickers is instead of finding the antiques, the antiques found him. Whitcomb discussed his shocking find with Fox News. He explained that the third floor of the building was supposed to be for apartments, but it hadn’t been used in over 30 years. When they were re-doing the third floor, they noticed a part of the ceiling that appeared to have floorboards.

That’s when Whitcomb and his buddy stumbled across the attic. Not only was Whitcomb unaware of the antiques, but when Whitcomb purchased the house, he was unaware of the attic.

“It wasn’t in the paperwork,” he said. “And we didn’t do an inspection because we knew the apartment needed to be repaired.”

He then discovered that the attic was a former photography studio, and it wasn’t just any photography studio either. The studio once belonged to photographer James Hale. Hale took the photo of Susan B. Anthony that is her official portrait in the Library of Congress.

The attic is also full of a ton of old photography equipment that belonged to Hale. Whitcomb told the publication that the most fun part of the experiences was having historical experts come in and look at the photography equipment.

This is definitely the kind of story that would interest the stars of American Pickers.

If You Love Old Antiques, Try Watching ‘American Pickers’

American Pickers follows people who travel across America finding old artifacts and antiques. The show, with Mike Wolfe, airs on History and A + E. The show even has its own archeology stores across the US. There are American Pickers archeology stores in Nashville and Iowa.

For Wolfe, he wants the stores to be more than just shops. He wants the stores to show people why historical artifacts matter.

“(At) Antique Archaeology, we go the extra mile we go the extra mile in a lot of ways to help people understand how this stuff matters,” he once said.

Finding historical artifacts in an attic is pretty incredible, but American Pickers brings similar experiences to life, showing viewers lesser-known and sometimes even strange parts of US History.

A recent episode saw Mike Wolfe and Danielle Colby going to an incredibly unique Bon-Bon hardware store in West Virginia. The store is an antique in itself, standing proudly since 1920.

Thankfully for history lovers, new episodes of the show come out every Monday.