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New York Man Charged in Death of WWI Veteran Missing Since 1976

by Shelby Scott
Cold Case File

After more than four decades, a New York man was charged with murdering a WWI veteran who disappeared in 1976.

The charged individual, 74-year-old Martin Motta of Queens, NY, saw indictment Wednesday by a grand jury. Motta faces a second-degree murder charge, the victim identified as WWI veteran George Clarence Seitz. According to the New York Post, the WWI vet went missing in December of 1976. Seitz reportedly left his home in Jamaica, Queens to get a haircut and never returned.

For decades, authorities named the investigation a cold case. No leads turned up in the years since the WWI veteran disappeared. However, in 2019, Seitz’ dismembered remains were uncovered in a Richmond Hill home’s backyard. The location of the remains comes directly from the Queens District Attorney’s Office.

Further, the remains saw initial discovery in 2019. However, the news outlet reported it took investigators quite a while to find their identity. While medical examiners identified a DNA profile, they could not link the individual to any relatives.

Later the case navigated to the FBI where they were eventually able to match the remains to potential family members.

Details surrounding Motta’s connection to Seitz’s murder have not gone public. Although, the DA said they identified evidence connecting the former to the veteran’s murder.

WWII Veteran Returns Home 80 Years After Pearl Harbor Death

Unfortunately, Outsiders, things aren’t always cordial in our world. We hear about horrific deaths and murders across the media all too often. However, while we pray for Seitz following the identification of his remains, another United States veteran’s remains saw a much brighter end.

At 19 years old, Sailor Kefee Connolly was a hospital corpsman during the attack on Pearl Harbor 80 years ago. The young serviceman died alongside 2,400 other brave veterans.

Following his death in 1941, Conolly’s name was recorded on the Walls of the Missing in Honolulu, Hawaii. As his remains finally received identification, he finally returned to his home state of Wisconsin. Those responsible for the upkeep of the memorial intend to place a rosette next to the veteran’s name indicating his new status. Personnel continue to work to identify the remains of so many of our country’s veterans. Nevertheless, we are glad to see one of those brave individuals finally headed home.

Former Army Serviceman Travels Cross-Country with Casket

While our World War vets above finally seek peace after so many years lost and unidentified, one Army veteran is forcing Americans to “wake up” in one strange way.

John Scovoronski is traveling cross country in an effort to remind Americans of the sacrifices our service members and veterans make each day. However, while these sorts of memorial events have taken place in many forms, the Army veteran is making his statement via a homemade casket draped with an American flag.

Of the endeavor, Scovoronski said, “I want people to wake up and stop giving away our freedom that so many people have cut their lives short for.”

The somber sight creates a powerful punch in the Army veteran’s statement, which is sure to attract the attention of Outsiders across the country.