HomeNewsNew York MTA Supervisor Apparently Uses Blow-Up Doll to Cheat HOV Traffic Laws

New York MTA Supervisor Apparently Uses Blow-Up Doll to Cheat HOV Traffic Laws

by Victoria Santiago
(Photo by Daniel Barry/Getty Images)

A general superintendent for the MTA has been caught keeping a blow-up doll in the front seat of his car. He swears it’s to keep him company, but many believe it’s to get around HOV traffic laws.

Giulio Divirgilio pulled up to the office in his Kia Telluride with an interesting passenger beside him. People immediately questioned why a blow-up doll wearing a suit was in the Kia. Although he’s been with the MTA for over a decade, Divirgilio was once an NYPD cop. Therefore, he should know that cops are well aware of people using dolls and dummies to bypass HOV laws. When asked if he was using the inflatable for illegal purposes, Divirgilio replied “I don’t use it for the HOV, I use it for the company. Have I ever lied to you?”

Coworkers and union officials had a lot to say on the topic. An anonymous MTA employee stated, “It was weird when we saw that thing [in his car] in the morning. Why would anyone have that there except to do HOV stuff?”

A union official agreed with the sentiment. “It’s unbecoming of a manager. We laugh, but what else is he doing in secret that we don’t know about?”

Perhaps it’s no secret, but Divirgilio is not shy about his car usage. This year he’s gotten two parking violations, both for driving without a front license plate. In pictures captured this week of him with his inflatable passenger, there was still no front license plate present.

This Doesn’t Make It Less Weird, but Having a Traffic Doll Is Common

People often find ways to abuse carpool lanes or high-occupancy lanes. The most common hack is to use dolls. In fact, dolls that look like Divirgilio’s are available online. The dolls are called “Carpool Kenny” and can be bought for a mere $15.79.

New York cops have been trying to put a stop to the traffic scam. During separate incidents, two people were pulled over with inflatable dolls in 2019. One traffic stop happened in Brooklyn, and the other on Long Island. In both cases, cops saw the fake passengers through the windshields of the cars. Both dolls were apparently wearing baseball caps and hoodies.

A Dummy is Saved in California

Our traffic law evading friends in New York might not have been able to trick police, but a movie prop in California tricked… well, everyone. Rescuers in Santa Barbara, California were called to the scene of a supposed rock climbing accident. A witness caught a glimpse of someone hanging 30 feet below a cliff, with no safety equipment.

As rescuers arrived at the scene, ready to save the rock climber by any means necessary, they realized something. The rock climber was a dummy. Literally. A movie prop had been left in the area days after a movie was filmed there. The crew forgot the doll and left her at the cliff, where she was then found by rescuers. She might’ve just needed a ride home. Too bad she’s not in New York.