Police Officer Who Saved Woman From Burning House Saves Dog Trapped in Frozen Lake

by Amanda Glover

A New York police department honored an officer who rescued an elderly woman from a burning house, and now he has done it again! The same officer pulled a trapped Labrador Retriever from a frozen lake.

The Lewiston Police Department officer, Jon Smith, charged out onto Bond Lake on Wednesday. Authorities witnessed the heroic act on body-camera footage. According to the police department, a dog had fallen through the ice and was trapped in the water. The dog, Kona, made it nearly 50 yards from shore.

“Well, folks he’s done it again. After just receiving a department award for pulling a woman from a burning house, this time it was a 4-legged friend. Without hesitation, he removed his equipment and went in after him, bringing him safely back to land and reuniting him with his owner,” said the Lewiston Police Department said.

After the dog safely made it home, its owners wrote a letter to the police department. However, the letter praised the officer for his actions. “She is a 10-month-old Lab and usually stays close by. But instinct kicked in when a flock of geese landed in the middle of the lake.” The owner also wrote that their dog fell in where the ice ended and the water began.

“Although she is a strong swimmer, there was zero chance of her getting back out onto the ice. She began to panic and tire quickly. This was no close-to-shore rescue. She was far from shore. He was able to get close enough to grab 75 pound Kona and pull her to safety. Kona and I and everybody that loves her are extremely grateful for his selflessness and courage,” the owner explained.

German Shepherd Help Police Find Crashed Car

Although dogs often see humans as their best friends, there’s no doubt that humans see them the same way.

Back in December 2021, a German Shepherd named Tinsley showed the New Hampshire Police Department where the site of a car crash sat. The four-legged hero quickly found help and led them to the crashed vehicle. Turns out, Tinsley’s owners were in the crashed vehicle.

The accident happened in Lebanon, New Hampshire. Tinsley showed her dedication by going above and beyond the call of duty. After the WMUR News reported a New Hampshire State Trooper, the Lebanon police chased down what they believed to be a lost dog. Eventually, the chase led them to a rollover car crash near Interstate 91 and Interstate 89 junction in Vermont.

Lieutenant Daniel Baldassarre provided a statement for the New Hampshire State Police department.

“They could tell the dog was trying to show them something because they were, he kept trying to get away from them but didn’t run away totally. It was kind of, ‘Follow me. Follow me.’ And they did that and you know, to their surprise to see the guardrail damaged and to look down to where the dog is looking at, it’s just, they were almost in disbelief.”