New York Police Officers Giving Away Free Turkeys Ahead of Thanksgiving

by Thad Mitchell

Thanksgiving day is nearly here which means it is almost time for turkey, family gatherings and sharing the spirit of giving. That is exactly what the New York Police Department did, taking a break from fighting crime to hand out free turkeys in Brooklyn. Fox News posted a video of the officers gleefully passing out the turkeys to Brooklyn area residents.

“Police officers work together to spread the holiday spirit in Brooklyn, New York, by giving away turkeys ahead of Thanksgiving,” the caption reads.

One-by-one, Brooklyn residents lined up along the sidewalk to receive their turkey. Officers placed the turkey’s in blue bags to make transporting the birds much easier.

Thanksgiving Spirit Falls Upon New York

NYPD Chief Terence Monahan also tweets a video of the turkey giveaway, saying officers are working to make sure everyone has a pleasant holiday.

“#Thanksgiving in 2020 looks a little bit different for many people, but there is one constant here in NYC,” the chief says. “The men and women of the NYPD are helping to ensure that New Yorkers have everything they need to enjoy dinner. Proud to join fellow cops to deliver turkeys in Brooklyn!”

Several New Yorkers took to social media to thank their officers for helping provide for the people they protect.