New York Police Officers Severely Injured After Reportedly Playing with Fireworks at Citi Field

by Courtney Blackann

Two New York City police officers got into some trouble early Monday after reportedly playing with fireworks during their shift. The officers suffered severe injuries to their hands and eyes. Now, an investigation is now underway to determine what exactly happened.

According to the New York Post, the incident happened at 3:45 a.m. Monday. The officers, whose identities haven’t been released, set off some pyrotechnics near Citi Field. They were on patrol overnight. It’s unknown why the one officer brought the fireworks to his shift. However, during the moment, he was messing with the devices when they apparently exploded.

The blast from the pyrotechnics left him and another male officer with severe injuries. One officer lost a finger. The other officer was hit near his face and eyes. The damage to his eye is so severe, it may have to be removed, authorities said.

Further, the two officers were immediately taken to Elmhurst Hospital and Bellevue Hospital for treatment. While there were two other officers on duty with them that evening, they were not involved in the fireworks incident.

However, they are both being questioned by an internal investigation by the Internal Affairs Bureau. The two non-involved officers are also being treated for tinnitus, or a ringing in the ears.

A source told The Post, “These guys are crazy,” after learning of the accident. A public affairs spokesman for the NYPD did not comment on the incident except to say that “it’s under investigation.”

New Jersey Police Officers Need Rescuing

Though they were being diligent in their efforts, another set of officers got caught in the floodwaters of Hurricane Ida last month. They had to cling to trees for hours while awaiting rescue.

As the heavy rainfall from the Category 4 hurricane made its way north, both New Jersey and New York were pounded with rain. This caused major flooding in the state’s main roadways.

After responding to a rescue call, Officer James Hoffman’s patrol car got caught in the flood. The dangerous water then began to carry his car away. He managed to cling to a tree limb but knew he needed immediate assistance. That’s when two other officers tried to save him and ended up getting stuck themselves.

“While struggling to reach the person in need, his vehicle was swept sideways and was rapidly lifted by the rising water of Stony Brook,” the town’s Facebook post said. “Very quickly he realized he needed to get out of the car. But the door would not open due to the pressure of the water. He removed the gear he was wearing and was able to escape the vehicle through the window.”

After holding onto tree limbs for dear life, city officials were finally able to locate them and save them from succumbing to the swiftly moving floodwaters. The situation could have been much worse. Luckily, the town came together to make the rescue successful.