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NFL Does Not Plan To Move Trade Deadline Off Election Day

by Chris Haney
Photo by Alex Burstow/Getty Images

Although the NFL trade deadline is November 3, a recent NFL memo sent to all 32 teams says they still expect to close club facilities for Election Day – the same day as the trade deadline. The two major overlapping events has concerned teams worried about issues dealing with last minute trades.

For now, there does not seem to be any talks of adjusting or extending deadline day. It seems both events will run simultaneously.

The NFL is supporting voters in more ways than ever before. That includes the NFL deciding to close league and team facilities to help with in-person voting in the November election.

The memo sent to NFL teams on Wednesday detailed further information about deadline day procedures.

NFL Memo Details Plans for Election Day

In late August, the NFL announced that league and team facilities will close for Election Day. The closures are to “allow all players and staff to have an opportunity to vote and for non-player staff to engage in safe and appropriate work on Election Day [for example, as a poll worker].”

The league-wide memo answered many of the questions stemming from the dilemma of the two events held on the same day. It emphasizes that the league wants clubs to “minimize the number of staff who are present on Election Day.” However, it does sound like teams will still be able to make trades since some team personnel will be allowed to work that day.

The memo reads, “Coaches, player personnel and video staff may be present to prepare for the coming week’s game; to evaluate possible player transactions; and for other purposes. Free-agent tryouts may occur at the facility and the league office will be staffed to handle all player personnel transactions.”

Team’s medical staff, players receiving treatment, teams with COVID-19 testing, and “necessary personnel” like IT and security employees have also been given the go ahead to work that day.

In addition, the memo touches on the NFL’s continuing encouragement for all clubs to promote voter registration for its players, personnel, and fans.

You can read the NFL’s memo in its entirety HERE.

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