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NFL: Raiders’ Coach Jon Gruden Has Twitter Lighting Up Over His Refusal To Properly Wear Mask on Sidelines

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Jon Gruden doesn’t seem to take the NFL’s mask requirements seriously. Cameras once again spotted the Raiders head coach not properly wearing his mask on the sideline, Yahoo Sports reported. And Twitter is freaking out about it.

As part of its COVID-19 safety protocols, The NFL requires coaches to wear a mask “so that it securely fits across the wearer’s nose and mouth to prevent transmission of the virus.” Gruden was spotted rocking his mask as a chin strap Sunday during his team’s loss to the Buffalo Bills.

The NFL has already fined Gruden once before. He was one of several coaches charged $100,000 in Week 2 for not properly wearing a mask on the sideline. The league also taxed the Las Vegas Raiders $250,000 for the infraction, the Sporting News reported. Gruden apologized but said he was “doing this best”

One Twitter user said he counted every time the cameras spotted Gruden not wearing a mask properly Sunday. 

The NFL has said it will take away draft picks from teams if they continue to skirt COVID-19 precaution protocols, USA Today reported. As of Monday, it was unclear what the NFL would do about Gruden not properly wearing his mask.

Twitter had some thoughts, however.

Twitter reacts to Jon Gruden’s mask problems

Jon Gruden wasn’t fined for improperly wearing a mask last week, but he was mocked online for how he wore his mask, Heavy.com reported. Those jokes carried over this week as fans watching the game noticed Gruden seemed to be violating the league’s mask rule again.

The NFL is already struggling through a COVID-19 outbreak. The Tennessee Titans have had more than a dozen positive tests for coronavirus. Their game against the Steelers that was set for Sunday has been moved until later in the season following the test results, Reuters said. The New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs game was moved to Monday after multiple positive tests, the NFL said.

So while some people found Gruden’s mask situation funny, others said it was no laughing matter.

Gruden and the Raiders head to Kansas City to take on the Chiefs Sunday.