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NFL: Twitter Lights up Over Las Vegas Raiders’ ‘Bruce Springsteen’ Play Call

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Roy Rochlin/WireImage

Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr used a “Bruce Springsteen” audible on Sunday in their game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

“Bruce Springsteen!” Carr yelled, changing the play against the Chiefs defense. Naturally, Carr’s cadence referencing the famous musician at the line of scrimmage lit up Twitter.

People took notice, prompting them to tweet their thoughts on the Raider’s audible.

“My fantasy football team name is Born to Run. Love this!”

“Well, I guess this Jersey kid is going to have to start rooting for the LV Raiders. Well played, @Raiders @derekcarrqb.”

“Derek Carr @Raiders QB just audibled to ‘Bruce Springsteen.’ Might be the best play call ever.”

“Apparently, the Las Vegas @Raiders have an audible called ‘Bruce @Springsteen.’ I assume it was born to be a run…#NFL #football.”

Evidently, Las Vegas head coach Jon Gruden is a fan of Springsteen. A sports radio director in Orlando said she saw Gruden at a Springsteen concert in 2012.

Signature moment, signature win

The “Springsteen” audible marked a signature moment in what was a signature win for Vegas. The Raiders beat the reigning Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs 40-32, at Arrowhead Stadium. The win snapped a nearly eight-year losing streak at Arrowhead, dating back to 2012.

“It’s about time,” Raiders quarterback Derek Carr told CBS’ Evan Washburn after the game. “I’ve had a lot of painful memories in this place. A lot of pain. Not this time. It feels good. The defending world champs, they’re the best team in football and we were able to battle with them. It was a heck of a game for us. I’ve had a few kids since we won here. It’s a good feeling.”

With the win, Vegas handed Kansas City its first lost of the season. The win also ended the Chief’s franchise-record 13-game winning streak, dating back to last year.